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    Mark Eight- the skeels Tele

    That's what she said. :cool: Man, already the 8th? Am I in a space-time warp or something? :lol: Looking really cool! I like the shape of the heel !
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    What do you look for in a small business luthier?

    I think that it should be only in two ways: 1) the dealer has a very decent reputation, with many guitars pulled out, and good reviews from people that ARE NOT involved in the company in any way (endorsed or any other things). 2) The luthier is beginning, thus not so much reputation. Then he...
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    My third build (7string) Spalted Maple / FF

    Good god. The Artinger headstock is perfect: it follow the FF dynamic, and 3+4 adds everything needed. Really cool (but I don't like ergo-style body shape)!
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    The Hunter's twin?

    Holy f**king s**t! That's amazing... The title was already promising, and the results is evenmore jaw-dropping... :holy:
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    Etherial Guitars

    I agree 200% on this. And this guy has proven multiples times he can't.
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    Double V. Skeels V Pondman build.Its not really a competition :)

    Damn. This gonna be more epic (epic-ier?) than lotr battles! Holloway: I'm the best placed for it, but all put together, I could estimate it at approximately 120h. The finishing process can be very long depending on the type chosen, so this may change a bit.
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    Fretfind issue with multiscale bridge spacing

    I never checked that matter. I have a 8 str FF in preparation, I'm just starting the fb, I'll check that out!
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    Guitars Built by Members of [pic heavy]

    Evenif I get tired of the overload of blackmachine style guitar, that's one hell of a beast. She looks awesome and really nicely built! Congrats!
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    Need help building thickness sander

    Thanks for the link, very interesting! I was plannin on building one one day, will save me time and money (because I won't do (too much) shit on my first attempt :D ).
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    Rustic Pig Type Build.

    Ho Lee Sit! (that's my vietnamese friend) That one is amazing (again?). I really dig that honey/roasted tint!
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    Seeing how fast this guy is, you can have 15 of them till Christmas, roughly. :D
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    Does it grow into a guitar tree?
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    Accidentalist, or something like that. :lol: Man, that's crazy, like always! :bowdown:
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    What's on your workbench?

    I really dig that tamo ash. Already seen some in my veneer shop, didn't have the occasion to buy one (I'm trying to heal from my compulsive wood-buying addiction :D ). I'd really like to see how it pops out with the finish on.
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    What's on your workbench?

    F*ck. You remind me of how bad I want my own workshop... :'(