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  • I'm working on the new vod album, it's now 51 minute long and is made of 8 songs but will be a bit longer in the end. It's more post-metal than the first one "deciduus", and has longer songs more focused on building up intensity. If you're on facebook, go like VOD's page to receive infos! The album should be coming early 2015.
    Damn I totally find an awesome new GIF for my Avatar, and you ninja'd me >.<
    He man, Stealth says you have tabs for Portal?! Is that true? I'd love to see one. I really like these guys, but I can't make out what is happening musically.
    Hey Necris, I was looking through the "What Custom would you get" thread, and I saw this a little later, thought you'd be interested: Roscoe LG GUITAR !!! Koa Top Spanish Cedar chamber body WOW | eBay
    well, i dont know if that is true.
    for example, if you read the charter of rights for canada, the opening line starts off by stating god. however, the problem is, its just the christian religion that holds merit and any/everything else is sidelined. however, if anyone raises that finger at em, they say that they are secular and its there 'just because'.

    they claim to be secular, but they arent. at least in canada, not sure how the american government runs
    indeed C:

    dont know what i prefer though. the secularism, or precieved secularism found in most western countries where state and religion are kept separate (or so they claim), or in SOME western countries where the state and religion are the same.
    i'm reading the thread, but not going to participate in it anymore. i know it will get ugly and steer off topic too quick...
    regardless, you mentioned that if you're an atheist/agnostic in a certain country, or denounce your religion, it could end fatally by law in that part of the world.

    i'm not sure how true that is. i just came back from saudi arabia where there are tons of non-muslim people living there peacefully. same thing goes for a lot of homosexuals and what not, and saudi is supposedly a strict country. however, for the most part, its very care-free. the cases you hear in the news about someone being stoned or killed for not believing are very rare and far between and are never coming from the same country twice (or more).
    I don't know why it took you 5 messages to get to the point, but whatever. you obviously won't be convinced no matter what so good night and keep watching Futurama (can't wait for June 20th!)
    greed is the reason for a lot of crimes and murders, but I don't see you abandoning currency. as for the other stuff, you do have several good points, but I think you are blurring the line abit. there are extremeists(sp) in every group. Its just plain stupid to judge billions of people based off of a fraction of that. i understand what you're saying, but I doubt many people look at the phrase "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." and think "gee, I want to kill some gays and people who disagree with my spiritual beliefs"
    7. religeon wouldn't turn someone into a killer if they didn't already haver someother reason for doing so, such as motivation from someone else or even a personal drive to do so.
    6. going back to what you said about me backpedaling, music, religion, or anything else, can influence a persons opinion, but its all about interpretation. what you might see as "spiritual AIDS" (I'm quoting varg vikerns here, not you) someone else might see as enlightenment, or something holy. Religion can influence someone's opinion, but not everyone who is religious has the bigoted and anti-human views that you are assuming religion teaches to everyone.
    4. "While a non-religious person may question why they believe what they do on a personal level a religious person defers to the bible (or another holy book) for their reasoning." I'm sure someone would have a reason for their actions, religious or not. people have motives for doing things irregardless of whether or not thier religeon told them to.
    5. I have better things to do than call you out in a thread. if you are ever in chat and would like to discuss this with me or anyone else, be my guest. I'm not going to go off-topic in a thread and say something that you (or anyone else) may perceive as a personal attack.
    several things,
    1. I didn't say that you were the person who gave me neg rep, I was referring to when we talked about whether or not ted was a pedophile. Now that I know what you are talking about in this case, you are absolutely right and I was not aware of this information when I initiated that conversation.
    2. you still didn't answer my question as to whether you are reffering to a specific religeon or religeon as a whole. If the latter, then perhapse you forgot about buddhism?
    3. Music can have an affect on a person. I'm sure you feel slightly different when listening to your favorite song. however, music isn't going to have such a drastic affect as to turn someone into an asshole. as you stated, a non-religeous person can be a jerk.
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