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    Drummer looking for prog/djent/metal band online. Serious inquires!!

    I hope yall work something out! As for me, I started out on guitar, and I consider myself a guitarist/vocalist/frontman, but spent a couple years exclusively doing bass, and for the last 4 years, I've been playing drums! My goal has been to get to a state where I can fully track my music ideas...
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    Bass Chain Advise

    I am a guitarist, but I did some heavy bass playing for a couple years. My main rig is a P-bass into a Gallien-Krueger half stack; 1001RB x Neo 410. Single channel. Apart from that, I have a Darkglass preamp to really dial it in. You'd be surprised how far that takes me into just about any...
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    Critique my signal chain(z)

    This is about as technical as I've ever gotten with my signal. Typically, I would run everything through the front unless there's a noticeable tone suck or particularly ugly/distracting buffer. Now I am taking a more refined approach, and I'm trying to learn. Please critique. Happy to share some...
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    EVH 5150 III 50W 6L6 vs EL34!

    Former bandmate of mine is selling his EL34 for 800. If I didn't just buy a Diezel...
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    Drummer looking for prog/djent/metal band online. Serious inquires!!

    What is your favorite Tesseract song? Wow I love all of those bands. Alesis Nitro is a great kit. Did you know Jay Postones was doing 1 on 1 lessons with people a while back?
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    Fishman pickups, why so much hatred now?

    I just saw them again recently and they killed it!
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    Diezel: D-Moll or VH2?

    What do you guys think about for mic selection to record? Vintage 30 and SM57? lol I'm going to have to try "Compensated output". Seriously looking into a Columbus switch. Just super blown away after reading the manual.
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    Diezel: D-Moll or VH2?

    I've not played an Axe FX, but I've played through a Kemper, a Helix, and a couple other things, and also some of my preamps and VSTs, also my Revv G20. All nice products. Nothing touches the real deal. These amps do magical things. I found my love for the Diezel sound personally through a VST...
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    Diezel: D-Moll or VH2?

    Look at the VH2 on Reverb. I almost bought that one. *nudge*
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    Should I upgrade from the Line 6 UX2 to a different sub-$300 interface?

    I have a focusrite and it's a constant pain in the ass with clipping, especially because I don't just do guitar, so I feel like I need a much bigger interface. I do use an analog mixer for almost everything, but with guitar, I now use compensated out or just mic the cab. I don't really like the...
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    Is industrial metal still a thing? Lol

    Does Rammstein count? Zick zick zick zack schneidt es ab!
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    EVH 5150 III 50W 6L6 vs EL34!

    I love them both. What a great comparison. To me there is a huge difference. 6L6 definitely tighter, but the EL34s have a way of really singing when they're cranked. I feel there is a lot you could do with these amps together. The 6L6 in stereo in clean sounds super awesome. Much better than the...
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    First time playing out in nearly two years... who else?

    I haven't played a show since like 2019, but I've done some pretty bad karaoke live lol. I'm working on some music and can't wait to put a band together!
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    Fishman pickups, why so much hatred now?

    What kind of batteries? I've definitely gotten more than 200 hours out of mine