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    A review of the Epiphone Wino

    A friend of mine made this video a couple weeks back. I think it sounds fantastic. I might be biased but I think this is the best sounding demo of this guitar on youtube
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    Anyone else not like glossy guitar necks?

    i have always liked satin or unfinished necks but I recently played a few outdoor gigs on the beach with a prs with a super glossy neck. I had to wipe the neck down in between songs. I hated it. It’s not just me being nit picky. The guitar felt like ass to play.
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    Anyone else not like glossy guitar necks?

    Does anyone else do this to a glossy guitar neck? I absolutely can’t stand glossy guitar necks. I recently got a firefly les Paul and took some sandpaper and Scotch bright pads to the back of the neck. You can see where the finish goes from glossy to satin by the head stock. It’s a work in...
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    Props To Harley Benton for this one

    Love it. I was going to order it today but ended up getting a double cut jr. Still might order this one though
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    Dang... EVH Wolfgang's went up in price...

    Love me some EVH Wolfgang, but this price hike is wild. I can get a custom made Suhr for less!!! I mean, we all knew this was happening after he passed(RIP), but dang.
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    FS EVH Wolfgang Special

    back on the market bump
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    FS Ibanez AZ242BC - deep espressoburst!

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez AZ242BC Modifications (if any): n/a Accessories (hardshell case etc): original Ibanez hybrid case Location (City,State or City,Country): Cherry Hill, NJ International OK? : not at this time Contact Info (No Phone #s) mystixboi2 @
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    FS EVH Wolfgang Special

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: EVH Wolfgang Special Modifications (if any): Push pull added to tone knob Accessories (hardshell case etc): trem arm Location (City,State or City,Country): Cherry Hill, NJ International OK? : NA Contact Info (No Phone #s) mystixboi2 @
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    Incoming NGD!

    I'm pretty excited for this build. For years, I've been asking Joe Balaguer from Balaguer Guitars to offer a chameleon/color shift finish. The company started offering it as a standard option and I was able to snag this Balaguer DC Astra with a chameleon prototype finish. It also comes with...
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    The Crackle Guitar Thread

    Winner winner!
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    24 fret singlecut guitars

    Balaguer guitars
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    NGD: Schecter Reaper

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    NGD: I only went in to "try" a Mexi Strat...

    Congrats! My favorite finish for this guitar. Enjoy!!
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    Suhr Modern Plus

    My 510 trem is amazing... super solid. doesn't ever go out of tune. Here's the thing about the Suhr Modern neck. when i got my first Suhr, I didn't think, "holy crap... this is what I've been missing". it was more along the lines that the guitar inspired me to play and i realized i had been...