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  • Excellent! Drink water, eat something light and revel in your newfound .. er.. vice?
    Sorry your thread was closed. :)
    I thought of that at 1st, but the reason I posted it in seperate posts were so that people could link via the post no. of the models they would like to discuss instead of reposting the whole catalog, and then have people on top of that quoting the whole thing. I know it would be easier to scroll through like you said, but this is to avoid unecessary reposting/linking/quoting as well as loading the pics on the page fast. If you wish you may use may go directy to my photobucket and browse there, the format is like a book on there.
    They should totally use it live too, to make toasts and also as a part of their music, it will be epic :lol:
    Hey man, I seriously need to know what was the toaster doing on stage, it's been driving me crazy :lol:
    I added you on facebook... Nice ass... ahahha

    dude, it's probably some kind of accent or dialect. I believe rosetta stone said somewhere that the dialect is "standard dialect" and that the accents are from "stan dard central swedish, as spoken in and around stockholm"
    I'm fucking confused...

    For example:

    Det här är en bok

    How come I sometimes hear "Här" pronounced with more "a" than "e"? "är" is totally fine but I thought "här" would be the same. Sometimes it is pronounced with more "e" sound but sometimes it's not. I got the "ö" though...
    Absolut, det är ett grymt land:) (I dalarna blir det grymt kallt också, men jag diggar det)

    Alla är ju inte heller så bekväma med symboler för sverige också, tack vare alla dessa jävla nynazister som lägger beslag på svenskheten.....

    Ledigt? Pah, ska tvätta och plugga inför en tenta imorgon!
    It's going rather slow. But I'll post something whenevr I can. I plan on learning german too... I'm fucked.
    I'm learning Swedish. I was doing ok till I saw "man", "mannen " and "männen"


    But I'm still at the very beginning so.. I'm sure I'll learn something

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