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  • Saw your post about using SIT strings on your 8 with a .090 on the bottom. I don't see any .090 SIT guitar string, so what exactly are you using for that? And what are your other gauges? Thanks! :hbang:
    Yup! Here they are: I'm actually waiting to get my A4s from Garry - the last 5 all broke. :(
    Are you keeping the G#0 or going back to the A4?

    C# .090
    F#. .066
    B.. .050
    E.. .038
    A.. .028
    D.. .020
    G.. .014
    B.. .011
    E.. .0085
    A.. .006
    Hey man, I'm actually thinking of doing a 30-36" 11 string tuned down to D#0. Based on your experience with the G#0, is that pitch useful? i.e. do you play it? I can use the C#1 on my guitar pretty easily, so I feel good about going to G#0, but I'm curious what you think about going even lower still.
    Cool. I'm now thinking about maybe going C#1 to G4, and then dropping everything one whole step, so it's B0 to F3. Then I don't have to sweat the O4P strings. Still gotta deal with the extra high string, so I'm not sure I'll do that.
    Yeah, but I'm thinking of putting it on my current 10 because I just don't want to deal with the damn high A! But I was concerned that maybe such a thick string, with the narrow string spacing on this guy, would result in too small of an interstring spacing to be useful.
    Hey how are you liking that G#0? I'm tempted to go that route on mine and ditch the A4 as well.
    sorry, can't tell you the price on a public forum, or in private. It's a one off custom guitar and luthiers don't like their prices discussed for customs in public. That just leads to headaches with other customers.
    Hi, thanks :cool: The 9 string is tuned F# B E A D G B E A. Tension feels good with a .100 on the bottom and a .008 on the top. Doug who owns the guitar is a member of SS and is going to give a NGD when he's back from touring in NZ, so he'll probably cover that. Thanks :yesway:
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