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Jun 8, 2016
Sep 14, 2010
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mr coffee Regular, from Houston

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Jun 8, 2016
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    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez RG7321
    Main Rig:
    Peavey 6505+
    Real Name:
    Pattern Recognition
    Primary ERG:
    Carvin DC800
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez RG7321
    Other Guitars:
    Schecter Damien Elite 8,
    Ibanez RS440,,
    Ibanez JEM777VBK,
    Ibanez RG550 w/ JEM7RB neck,
    Mongrel Str*t copy,
    Gretsch G5120,
    Gretsch G5435 Pro Jet,
    Breedlove Passport Concert acoustic,
    Tokai acoustic,
    Custom lap steel,
    1930s Supertone parlor guitar
    Peavey 6505+
    Line6 Pod 2.0
    Effects & Pedals:
    Shure PGX14 wireless system,
    Korg Pitchblack Pro rack tuner,
    dbx 166XL compressor/limiter/gate,
    Boss RCE-10 Chorus,
    Digitech DSP128+,
    Voodoo Lab Control Switcher,
    ART X-12 MIDI controller,
    Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah,
    Ibanez TS-9 TubeScreamer,
    Boss CE-2 Chorus,
    Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 Booster,
    Sabine RT-1600 rack tuner,
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Peavey 6505 4x12,
    Custom 2x12
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    M-Audio Delta 66 & Omni IO interface,
    Presonus Audiobox interface,
    Steinberg CMC-TP and CMC-CH control surfaces,
    Steinberg Cubase 7,
    misc. VSTi soft synths and VST plugins,
    Shure Beta58 dynamic mic,
    Sennheiser e609 dynamic mic,
    MXL 990 condenser mic,
    MXL 991 condenser mic,
    Livewire SPDI direct box,
    M-Audio AudioBuddy mic pre
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Slides, Capos, Mic stands, guitar stands, etc.,
    Miles of cable, hundreds of adapters, etc.,
    The usual assortment of tools, gigging necessities, etc.,
    Rock 'N Roller cart, various cases, duffels, gig bags, etc.
    Been playing nearly 30 years, from garage to Bourbon St. to bars in the burbs to studios...

    a jumble of nonsense
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