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  • I'd appreciate it if you looked at my last attachment-containing :)lol:) post in the songwriting thread and left a reply there when . . . when work is slow.
    Hehehehehe The image was not available. As long as it's not a slice of "Her Lover", we're good-to-go.

    I haven't see many "art films" since the kids were born (coming on 11 years). The closest we've come in a long time are "The Triplets of Belleville", "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" and the Johnny Depp "Sweeney Todd".
    The closest I've been able to come was maybe a confusion between "Zatoichi" and "Solodini".

    Oh, while I have egg* on my face, you should see this: - Conversation Between Solodini and ElRay


    * No, not this:
    No I haven't. And I even had time to think about it while driving to and from the in-laws this weekend.
    Damn. You have my brain spinning now. I can't think of anything "art house film", Almodovar, Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen, Handmade Films/Bruce Robertson (Robinson?) related to Solodini. I know there's an Italian director Soldini, but I don't recall any of his films.
    I think the last time I saw Tampopo was '89. I know I saw it twice as an undergrad. Maybe I saw it a third time as a grad student.

    RE: Solodini:
    I actually thought you were serious. Now I have to figure out why Solodini's username is familiar.
    That's why Soldini's username range a bell. Man I've forgotten more stuff than I ever knew.
    Tampopo!!!! I was looking at old "Classics" I haven't seen in a while and came across Tampopo. I totally forgot the Mr. Big Noodles line :facepalm: If you're Mr. Big Noodles, who's "The Dumpling Guy"?
    I see what you mean, I haven't ventured outside of 7s , it's my own psychosis but that added string just completely throws me off...I think it might be my arachnophobia. 8 legged, 8's just too much! Do you tune to standard usually?

    Thanks man I appreciate it!
    That's interesting, I always wondered how someone as knowledgeable on music as yourself would treat the idea of ERGs. Do you reckon you'll ever make the leap to 8s and beyond? Can you link me to any of their/your stuff, it sounds sweet, that mandolin comedy duo sounds like something to behold !
    Mr Noodles do you play seven strings or +? And is guitar your primary instrument?
    Mr. Big Noodles! Holy crap, at first I was like, "who is this avatar stealing bastard posting SW type things?!" And then I realized you did the old presto changeo with your name. WTF is big noodles? You a chow fun fan, or...?
    Thank you so much!
    Much more help than I ever expected!
    Thanks for the very much appreciated gift.

    I think you shed already light using the word "extended".
    That's because I knew about add4, add6, sus4 and sus6 that I didn't get why the chord had to have the seventh, but I got they are extensions.

    Thank you again and have a great day! :)
    Sorry to bother you via VM.
    Trying to study some jazz stuff.
    Why do min11 chords has a b7 and a 9 in it?
    Thanks :)
    Have a nice day
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