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  • Amazing shop and they are incredibly fair!!! They were more than willing to work with me and be patient with me to help me gain the greatest gutiar ive touched. Thank you for such a life changing instrument!
    Good luck with the Proto 8DC man, my funds are all tied up with medical bills right now (selling off a few guitars and stuff to even pay for that alone :lol:) or else I'd be hitting you up with an offer. :( Absolutely love that one between the color and that figured back, and I don't even really play 8's! :rofl: Hope it all works out for you dude, the market blows these days. :squint:
    I'm trying to hash out a few tings with some drummers, any interest in some bass playing? What are you into these days?
    Things like that are part of why I'm preparing to write and record everything myself.
    I think I'll be ready to jam as soon as I get me a Carvin 6 string bass. I'm only a few weeks away from ordering. I don't play guitar yet, but I'm very likely going to start with an 8 string. For now I play drums and my (crappy) bass. I'm not sure what to think about my vocals though.
    I just got my first 7 almost a year ago, but yea. Our singer is out so we're doing instrumental type. Here is a link to a set we played at the Memphis Hates You Fest.
    TFT - Memphis Hates You Fest 2010 - YouTube

    We're older guys & I live in Midtown, but if you'd like to jam, lets do it!
    No. I've tried being in several bands, and none of them made it to the first gig, so I'm getting ready to write and record everything myself. What about you?
    I'm actually live in Olive Branch now.
    He was a bad ass musician. I had the chance to see him locally several times with the guys from North MS Allstars, DDT back then.
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