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  • 7 string Ab, and it basically just comes with AGES AND AGES of tinkering and improving and tailoring the tone to the guitar. :D

    I'm contemplating sharing my patch, but i have no clue if anyone will want it. lol.
    yeah man, on the bright side, I work with what i can :D the stuff i put out ain't half bad quality-wise. :)
    thank you sir!

    I love gurren lagann as well! :D

    and my EP will be available sometime in the summer.

    and it will be free!

    but if someone will help me set up a paypal, It'd be pretty sweet if anyone felt like donating to help me get better equipment lol
    Thank you very much :lol: I'll have to change it to another soon though seeing as she still has that xmas hat on haha
    things are going alright at the moment, I'm sick as hell, but hopefully I'll be back up to 100% in a few days!
    Cool, I'm going to go play Final Fantasy I I think (on Gameboy) I'm having a crap guitar day. Can't think of anything to play.
    I remember your username, but with the different avatar I didn't put two and two together.
    How goes it man? :)

    Edited because I got ahead of myself.
    yeah man everyone I know says the same shit about vegas.
    What city you originally from?

    Yeah man I don't hang out with a lot people either I dont do much but go to shows and shit. we could jam sometime or something man.
    Well, there's a lot you can read about it. Basically, a portion of you is always existing in the Astral Plane as its a layer of reality, just as essential as any other. However, you can project your awareness into your Astral body and navigate through the Astral Plane... however, it takes practice to specifically focus on the Astral. In fact, every night you Astral Project but don't really have any memory of it - basically, what you practice is the ability to remember these experiences.. regardless, the work that is done there is necessary and beneficial regardless of whether or not you remember.
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