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  • I have a pair of fret nippers from Stewmac, I had thought about just using those and then a bastard file to clean up the edge.

    I did see a cool mod though, you can snag a cheap set of sheet metal nibblers and grind a little slot to make your own fret tang nippers. I was thinking about snagging one off amazon or something. I checked in stores around here and no-one carries the manual nibblers any more, it's all just electric high-powered nonsense that costs $150-500.

    Here's a link to check out, it's from an old thread but the general idea is great:
    Good! The Jahn build is a year overdue, but it should hopefully be done this summer. The pickups were built wrong, but they were redone (with bubinga tops, rather than PME, which is a huuuuuge bummer), and then Julius is going to refret some of the frets on the FB that are not on the fan. So I'm a little concerned about the quality of it, but hopefully it will all come together.
    The Fast build is awesome. No new pics yet, but it's being stained now, so it should be done relatively soon. He moves super fast!
    I had planned to start in May, but my current situation is that the shop I've been making use of might be unavailable to me in the near future, so I'm just busting ass on my three on the go projects right now.

    If something changes, I'll totally try to jump in!
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