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    T.V. shows you've been watching

    One of those is correct.
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    T.V. shows you've been watching

    Watched the first obi wan. It was ok. A couple scenes I didn’t enjoy , and a certain bass player is just terrible. But like some of the ideas they are working with. Hope it gets better.
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    RIP Ray Liotta

    Good fellas is probably in my top 10. Watch it a couple times a year. Shame.
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    Two Notes ReVolt: New 3-channel tube preamp with built in IRs

    Yep. Wired to the input so it glows more the harder you play.
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    Two Notes ReVolt: New 3-channel tube preamp with built in IRs

    they make good stuff, had a live that i thought was great, but sold due to not needing it and wanting a new strat , but I agree the single tube in a window thing is lame. seems a bit early 00's when everyone was doign it
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    What do you play besides Guitar and Bass?

    Dabble in drums. Have an electric kit but don’t enjoy playing it that much , so don’t set it up often. If I had an acoustic kit I’d play drums allot more. But don’t have the space for it at the moment. We are planning a house renovation , and it will include a good music space. So I usually...
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Would be signature worthy if it wasn’t so fucking diabolical and sad, and true
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    What game are you playing?

    have been revisiting some old xbox 360 games with the kids. Burnout paradise city is still an awesome open world driving game
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    What were the prices of used Peavey Decades before Josh Homme (QOTSA) revealed it as his secret weapon?

    Isn’t he notorious for lying about his gear and being super secretive.
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    NMFXD: Boss GT-1000 (and why it is awesome)

    Nice. I fell like boss had some tough times in the market but they have really brought themselves back by making some great product decisions. Is it the brand for tight , brutal , metal tones? Probably not. But their products really work out of the box for 95% of the playing market.
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    Returning to skateboarding after 23 years.

    get it man. 8 is small these days . I have 8.5 at the moment I just turned 48 yesterday, and I skate when I can . like proper skate, Ill roll around with my young kids more often, but that doesn't really count as skating I have a screwed together knee so I'm limited but I can still get out...
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    What game are you playing?

    I re played through portal 1 and 2 late last year. Portal 1 is indeed pretty much a perfect game. Script , story , acting and gameplay. Personally I’d say it’s probably the greatest game ever made. 2 is still good but it did move a bit from the clever puzzle mechanics to a pixel hunt to find...
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    NPD- J.Rockett Archer

    I def would've been tempted by the Ikon if they had it in stock. But no one did . I've thought about a switcher . but I'm not gigging anymore .just jamming for fun . can't really justify the expense and time to set up
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2022

    got 2. my main board, and my grab and go board main . power with a PP2+ and a Oja. complete with back row on a riser I made our of a piece of floor board grab and go . power with a cheap ,isolated, power supply. which works fine but it feels pretty flimsy . wouldn't gig with it
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    NPD- J.Rockett Archer

    Heya I have 2 boards, My full board ,PT2 , and a PT nano + for grab and go small jams and staff . Had no OD on my nano , just sold another pedal and went on an OD search Knew I wanted to try something different flavor , and I ended up in Klon/ Klone territory . Playing allot of low and...