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    Guitar Loop as Master Clock for Backing Track DAW

    Hey! So my plan is to play guitar over a hardware looper like the boomerang into a Kemper and having drums and bass as a backing track in Ableton Live 9 running. So how can I set it up that Live's tempo adjusts itself to the guitar loop ? Any information about it would be helpful...
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    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    Hey, which string gauges would you guys recommend for a 7 string tuned drop A# with a 25.4 scale? Thanks Tim
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    Mayones Regius 6 TT 4EVER - Pics/Specs/Review

    I've seen this in our local musicstore in cologne, it's simply beautiful :) but every beauty has it's price :D
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    Need a 4x12 cabinet. Any suggestions?

    If you have the option of testing an orange th100 with different cabs in a store just do the "blind-test" take a friend with you to the store and let him change the cabs over a matrix. Play with closed eyes and choose the cab which you think sounds best to you. You'll be surprised :) This is how...
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    Basic Recording Setup

    I've got the Sennheiser HD555. They sound really good but don't know if they're good enough for mixing
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    Basic Recording Setup

    Hey, I've just upgraded my Macbook Pro with 8gb ram and a 500gb hard drive. Now I want to get into recording, mixing and solo songwriting. I think I'll go with Logic Pro as DAW and get Ezdrummer for drums. I've got a NI Mobile Rig interface for guitars and bass with guitar rig essential...
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    Some Questions about Agile Interceptor 828

    Hey I've been looking around in this forum and it's great :yesway: So this is my first post. I was interested in the Agile Interceptor pro 828 black flame finish but after i read about the trem adjusting issues and so called "banjo effect" i might go with the Bolt on version of the guitar...