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    NGD LP Custom

    Thanks every one. I was going to get the Lime gold B stock LP and it was sold by the time I got there. So I got this one instead. I wonder how much it was new
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    NGD LP Custom

    new guitar to me guitar day. 2014 Les Paul Custom.
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    NGD My 1st Gibson

    Last week I got a new 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard T Cherry burst. I went into the store on the Friday, The Dude handed me the LP telling me "its on sale" so I played it. I left the store then went back Saturday to play it and again I bought it, was a hefty price cut on it. Its...
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    NGD - Ibanez 'Japan-only' RG2727FZ

    kinda looks like the one from canada on the ibby site
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    Sick Opening Riffs Thread

    I don't see Exodus any ware or more Megadeth ? ? ?
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    NCD - Classic USA Randall content. Nostalgia buy...

    try putting them in a X so they sounds more mixed ?
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    Modded Peavey Triple X or EVH 5153?

    I loved my 5153 when I had it, sadly i moved across Canada had to let her go. I ran a Green Rhino OD threw it and its a whole new beast. Gets tight like VH4 and Meaner I loved it and Channel 3 is just not needed Unless you need that gain to restart a planet
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    Zilla Cabs in the US?

    Avatar cabs
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    Music Man 2015 JP Teaser!

    looks like it's from the 60's Its great <3
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    Help me thicken up my peavey JSX

    thicker strings too can help maybe a vary short delay
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    Most agressive sounding OD pedal for metal?

    Just gonna put this out there Try a green rhino and keep it. that's all your going to need
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    Good speakers for low tuning?

    Randall had a 2x12 1x15 cab witch i heard good things from
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    Overdue New Rig Day. Simplicity.

    not anuff black. I still see silver on the Peavey
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    Ibby premiums discontinued in the US?

    Canada too eh
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    Amp for rust in peace

    during the main solo in holy wars he cranked everything to 10 hi mid low . he didnt know how to set the amp for the everythign to 11

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