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    Problem with locking nut

    Apparently the problem is isolated to the low E and A strings. I know it's not recommended, but the only thing that worked was overtightening the allen screw in that position.
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    Problem with locking nut

    It's the stock nut that came with the guitar and turning the pads 90 degrees didn't help. Also, i'm using ernie ball super slinky strings
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    Problem with locking nut

    I have a RG1820X with the double edge pro. Recently I'm experiencing some tuning stability problems and have noticed that even when the nut is locked turning the tuning pegs still lowers/rises pitch. Is it time to replace the locking nut?
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    Schecter Guitars - "they are all made the same" - Really?!?

    I have a hard time understanding all the people here that slams the OP. The difference is not a fraction of a mm and 3-4mm difference is very noticeable and in my opinion is not within % tolerance. I agree that it's not logical for schecter to even consider a refund but his complaint has merit
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    Head (Korn) using ESP now, getting LTD sig model

    Maybe someone already asked this, but isn't korn famous enough for head to get a full japanese esp signature model? I wonder how they decide who gets an esp vs LTD signature
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    New Ibanez RGR Models Not Sure if they are a shimamura only models.
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    How much is a gallon of gas for you?

    6$ per gallon.
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    Mystery custom ibanez

    Unfortunately (or maybe not...?) the guitar was already sold. I'm still very curious as to the model. Hope someone will have the answer.
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    Mystery custom ibanez

    Local second hand site
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    Mystery custom ibanez

    Someone posted this unidentified 1994 ibanez custom for sale. Anyone recgnises this model?
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    It's definitely an edge zero II.
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    Why are you sad right now?

    About nine months ago i quiet a job that i really loved after five years. I found a place that i thought would give me a promotion and a better chance for the future, but it turns out this place is horrible and is run by idiots. But know i can't go back to my former job because the position is...
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    Where to find used ibanez Rgib6 baritone?

    There you go: Ibanez RGIB6 Electric Guitar in Black | Andertons
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    Ibanez RG??

    Thank you. I'm very inexperienced with buying second hand guitars so i will need your help. will this be a good deal:? Ibanez J Custom RG 1880 AAA Flame Maple Vintage Violin DiMarzio PU Made in Japan | eBay
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    Ibanez RG??

    Seems weird to me that to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of a guitar that was made famous because it's produced only in japan they made something like that (not to say it's not a good guitar).