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  • Awesome, I just bought the power amp :lol:

    It's been lots of fun creating patches, I've got a rhythm one that's pretty scooped, like -4 or -2, a nice chorusy clean with delay, a solo one with some higher mids, a clean with a different effect (it's kind of weird and creepy :lol:) and a clean with the bloody murder on to dirty it up. Fun stuff!

    I'm doing an overhaul on mine as soon as the parts some in, I'm doing a few ADA Depot mods, the noise mod, the rear input jack mod, the battery socket mod and I'm replacing the output volume pot and upgrading the EEPROM.

    I love this damn thing :lol:
    $400 + shipping. I'm not sure though how much better it is comparitively versus Austrailia and the States.

    I think I'm gonna get it dude, it's a damned Mesa so it will have the midrange and the low end I want, and I'd put JJs in it, and they make anything sound amazing.

    What kind of tones do you usually dial in on yours?
    hey man, i added you on msn btw,

    I got your IM, sorry that I couldn't reply to it since I was watching cartoons. :lol:
    Plus we have his little bengal kitteh! :wub: I just need to make sure she doesn't go OM NOM NOM on any of mah gearz! :rofl: :)
    Yeah man I'll definitely be posting some more pics. I don't know if it's recessed or not offhand, I'll let you know on monday though! :agreed:

    I'll be bringing my Thorn Artisan Deluxe, my EBMM JP6 and the Caparison Applehorn. :flex: That's too much pwn in one location, I'm hoping we don't unleash a black hole of metal in his front yard! :lol: Ryan is definitely the man when it comes to setups, he certainly knows his shit! :metal: Oh yeah, I also ordered a BKP Ceramic Warpig for my Thorn that we'll be installing to prove that it certainly is metal-worthy! :D
    Haha howdy home-skillet! :wub: You like that applehorn man? I'm hyped as hell! I've seriously wanted one of those for at least a year now. :( There was one owned by a guy like literally 15 minutes up the street from me and it got sold rather quickly since there are a lot of spoiled kids with super-rich parents in the area. :lol: I'm bringing a few of my guitars down to Ryan and he's going to have a zen session with them all and get them set up properly in different tunings. He said he's going to give me some tips on floyd maintenance since I have rarely had floating trems in my stable in the past few years and I want to keep my babies performing in tip-top shape at all times! :wub: Man, you REALLY need to make it to the states someday Mikey! :D
    Yeah cheers! Must be the time of year, I think I'm getting a cold as well... Oh well, should be cool anyway...
    What's going on dooder? I need to spend some time with those arp exercises you sent me! :wub: My brother just came home from Afghanistan and I had to drive up to PA to pick him up from the airport so I figured home-coming weekend was going to be a guitar-less weekend as well! :lol: Hopefully this week I can sit down with it. :agreed: Anything fun going on down under?
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