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  • Sounds about right i think. Sorry again it took so long dude. Positive feedback is in order for you sir :yesway:
    Alright dude, im so sorry its taken so long, but its shipped today :) Sent it this morning to the address you PM'd me, should be there within the next couple of weeks :yesway:
    Awesome as dude. Its a public holiday here on Monday, and is currently friday night, so it wont be able to be sent until tuesday at the earliest. I'll shoot you a PM though when i have sent it man, andwe can keep an eye on it :)
    Hey dude, just checkin to see if youre still after the pickup? Dnt mean to nag, i jst owe HaGGuS money for the blackouts. :ugh:
    Awesome as dude, i'll get my mate to take it out of the guitar over the weekend. He'll be unsoldering it as opposed to me cutting the wires, so you should have the whole length to play with too :yesway:
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