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  • dude, who's the guy in your avatar? I've seen him he a comedian?
    I was thinking if we could arrange a meetup at the Axe Palace!

    I'll make a thread about it soon. See if it works out.
    Unfortunately I didn't see anything about a price yet...which makes me nervous haha.
    So it appears that both Brooklyn shows for Godspeed You! Black Emperor are sold out. BUT there is a show at Termianal 5 and those tickets go on sale on October 1st (this Friday) through ticketmaster.
    It's because I don't remember asking you about her lol! Now i'm a download frenzy ahahhahahjja
    Brooklynn Jade?

    Why did you say that? Did I ask you something? lol

    Thanks for making me download pr0n again.. auhahahaha
    Hey, at least you don't have to live in the suburbs of Los Angeles... this is where metalcore was created. New and more resistant strains of metalcore are created every day here.
    So you are from New England then... how goes being in the metalcore capital of the east coast?
    Yes well even if you watched youtube,i mostly think people can get my shit easier,which is totally not true since i just want to seem clever.I also fail sometimes in getting that kind of jokes from others ,I don't think i'm omniscient like Ziltoid.

    I'll try to be more comprehensive next time so that you can give easier your epic answers XD
    I was referring to those battery hacks on youtube i tried to do that once in the wrong type of battery and i spilled some black fluid on my super awesome beard which acted as a shield and protected me from corrosion.

    I would never look at my girlfriend's her text messages (even if i had one right now XD),the pun was more that in case someone did ,and found out that the girl is cheating on him,the shock is similar to hacking a battery and ending with black fluid on his face/hands instead of that small pile of small round batteries ,as illustrated in youtube videos,just because of a wrong choice of battery/decision to look up her msgs
    Cool, dude. I don't know how that happened. I opened up the window, scrolled down a little and when I typed in my comment, it said "Thanks for deducting...." I freaked out. I meant to give you positive rep. I hope DDDorian can fix this easily.
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