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Jul 17, 2020
Apr 21, 2007
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Kopervik, Norway

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Set up us the bomb, from Kopervik, Norway

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Jul 17, 2020
    1. Mattmc74
      Thanks man! :metal:
    2. Mattmc74
    3. Mattmc74
    4. Stealthdjentstic
      Its the mods fault :lol:
    5. Stealthdjentstic
      Hurry up and finish some songs bro..

      Your soundclick has far too many mixtests and short clips that are all teases... :squint:
    6. Andii
      I haven't even tried the dual tone yet. I haven't figured out how to work it.:lol: That's on my to do list. Have you ever considered coil tapping? It will get you a sweet single coil tone with some humbuckers. We installed a switch to tap one side of the neck pickup on my friend's guitar and it sounds great.
    7. Andii
    8. sol niger 333
      sol niger 333
      That was meant to be positive rep for an intelligent post. I accidentally clicked negative!! Sorry dude. :-)
    9. Andii
      I got my X3 today and I would like to thank you for the the tips you gave me. I was able to dial in exactly what I wanted the first night. I like it a lot better than I thought I would. I'm using the big botton amp, treadplate cab, off axis sm57 and the parametric eq in the perfect spot to kill the fizz. I can't believe it sounds so smooth. I don't remember it's a red bean while I'm playing it because is sounds almost identical to my rig, which I didn't expect. Thanks again. I wouldn't have got my sound on the X3 so fast if it wasn't for your help.
    10. XeoFLCL
      hm.. I see, then tung oil will likely work just as well :)
    11. XeoFLCL
      Yeah, it's nice to have a job for once, because I can do things like this now :D

      I'll prolly get a black hipshot transtone because I REALLY like how they look and the locking string saddles I'd imagine make worlds of difference in sustain. I don't know why no ones done it besides hipshot in the bass world, since thats what alot of bassists seek, sustain :)

      As for the tuners, I'll keep the headstock black of course and see if it looks good with silver. This will be an over time thing, first will be the refinish.. did you tung oil yours or how did you reseal the grain?
    12. XeoFLCL
      I see, I might consider sanding it down next time I swap strings on mine. Mine is a 2001 model so it has the older fender-style bridge.. considering swapping that with a hipshot aswell lol (Maybe a Transtone?) and a new active EQ setup.. We'll see, I'll be sure to post pics when I figure it out :)
    13. XeoFLCL
      Hm, who would've thought agathis would look that good natural :D

      I might do the same thing to mine and stain it red lol
    14. XeoFLCL
      Hey! Do you have pics of that natural finished SR305 you did? I want to do the same and do a red stain..
    15. Andii
      I can't wait until you start making a load of music. It's gonna be good. The clips and stuff you have made so far are (positive adjective).
    16. danenachtrieb
      i appreciate all the comments on my cab threads dude.
    17. Andii
      Thanks man. After reading a lot of stuff about the pod, that was the most helpful and straight to the point piece of info I've read.
    18. Andii
      You have the best pod tone ever. I'm about to buy one now. Any tips that will help me get started?
    19. caughtinamosh
      BTW, what is that Huf pickup going in? :)
    20. caughtinamosh
      Well, if you ever decide to go that route, and want to put it through Scotland, just give me a shout. :)

      There's no guarantee that it will work, though. :( Gah, so frustrating...
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