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  • I hope my humorous interjections have not dampened your excitement over what is obviously a very beautiful home that I am sure you will be very proud of. Please do not take my light-hearted comments the wrong way. I would never barge into your life unannounced to take advantage of your generous living situation.

    That's why I am giving you plenty of warning.

    Damned if I am having a terrible time at getting Google maps to come up with driving directions to your house though.... :lol:

    In all seriousness, congrats, man. That looks like an awesome pad! :yesway:
    So, i constantly compare my recordings to yours man because they sound absolutely huge, so i have to ask, which impulses and mic settings do you find work best for your recordings?
    Hey man, I LOVE your recordings, they all sounds incredible, what all are you using gear wise? :)
    I remember one time you posted about a weird overtone on a baritone guitar you had. It is totally happening to me. Was it a guitar .074 Ernie ball by any chance? haha it's awful. The other .074 I was using sounded perfect. I only bought 5 of them so it's ok.
    sound that you have made on POD is perfect. If is it possible I`d like to receive your POD x3 patches to [email protected] or you can place them in a web for general pleasure of your fans.
    Hey MF, just wondering if you have a source for that bareknuckle alchemy info?? Sounds very interesting
    I saw a few 30.5s at one point, but only once. He must have gotten spares while filling a custom order.

    Yeah I record and engineer the HB stuff. I'm supposed to be the drummer, but I haven't learned all the stuff yet. Jim rules. I'm a member of the duo, but I feel like the #1 super fan. I whore the HB videos out so much people think that I'm Jim.

    I ended up skipping the 8 string. I want one, but I don't even have a bass. I was thinking with my penis while looking at the 8 strings. I have to have a bass to record my music and that didn't cross my mind while staring into all of the attractive ERG options from rondo.

    I just ordered a BTB776, a case and SSD EX. Shopping is done.

    Can't wait to hear another song from you. I waited a long time for the last one :lol:.
    Is your guitar in the "Agile Intrepid Pro 830 dual+bkp Painkiller" video 30 inches or 30.5? I'm going to place an order and I was thinking about holding out for a 30.5, but I haven't seen any labeled as that up for a long time.
    Hey man, try contacting apophis via PM, he always gets back to me quickly that way.
    Hey man, I can't wait to see your Roter (or mine), out of all of us who have ordered so far you definitely chose the most unique/interesting specs.
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