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Jul 17, 2020
Apr 21, 2007
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Kopervik, Norway

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Set up us the bomb, from Kopervik, Norway

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Jul 17, 2020
    1. skeels
      I hope my humorous interjections have not dampened your excitement over what is obviously a very beautiful home that I am sure you will be very proud of. Please do not take my light-hearted comments the wrong way. I would never barge into your life unannounced to take advantage of your generous living situation.

      That's why I am giving you plenty of warning.

      Damned if I am having a terrible time at getting Google maps to come up with driving directions to your house though.... :lol:

      In all seriousness, congrats, man. That looks like an awesome pad! :yesway:
      So, i constantly compare my recordings to yours man because they sound absolutely huge, so i have to ask, which impulses and mic settings do you find work best for your recordings?
      Hey man, I LOVE your recordings, they all sounds incredible, what all are you using gear wise? :)
    4. Empryrean
      I knew I recognized your picture! Do thy own a Vespa? :o
    5. Empryrean
      Aw, my name is Tommy!
    6. Empryrean
      Oui, mr Mf kitty, not sure if you knew or not, but I sent you a request on facebook :D
    7. Empryrean
      Sir kitty mofo, your tonal expertise is a godsend. I was about to give up on my hd500 :wub:
    8. Stealthdjentstic
      Ah ok, it's just great you can legally take action :yesway:
    9. Stealthdjentstic
      Just get your money back and be done with it! Then order a KxK!
    10. Stealthdjentstic
      Your roters neck gravity proof yet? :lol:
    11. Andii
      I remember one time you posted about a weird overtone on a baritone guitar you had. It is totally happening to me. Was it a guitar .074 Ernie ball by any chance? haha it's awful. The other .074 I was using sounded perfect. I only bought 5 of them so it's ok.
    12. Romeg
      sound that you have made on POD is perfect. If is it possible I`d like to receive your POD x3 patches to [email protected] or you can place them in a web for general pleasure of your fans.
    13. GUT-G
      Thanks for accepting my request, love your posts man!
    14. sol niger 333
      sol niger 333
      Hey MF, just wondering if you have a source for that bareknuckle alchemy info?? Sounds very interesting
    15. Andii
      I saw a few 30.5s at one point, but only once. He must have gotten spares while filling a custom order.

      Yeah I record and engineer the HB stuff. I'm supposed to be the drummer, but I haven't learned all the stuff yet. Jim rules. I'm a member of the duo, but I feel like the #1 super fan. I whore the HB videos out so much people think that I'm Jim.

      I ended up skipping the 8 string. I want one, but I don't even have a bass. I was thinking with my penis while looking at the 8 strings. I have to have a bass to record my music and that didn't cross my mind while staring into all of the attractive ERG options from rondo.

      I just ordered a BTB776, a case and SSD EX. Shopping is done.

      Can't wait to hear another song from you. I waited a long time for the last one :lol:.
    16. Andii
      Is your guitar in the "Agile Intrepid Pro 830 dual+bkp Painkiller" video 30 inches or 30.5? I'm going to place an order and I was thinking about holding out for a 30.5, but I haven't seen any labeled as that up for a long time.
    17. Necris
      Hey man, try contacting apophis via PM, he always gets back to me quickly that way.
    18. Stealthdjentstic
      haha awesome, too bad about the last kitteh though :(
    19. Stealthdjentstic
    20. Necris
      Hey man, I can't wait to see your Roter (or mine), out of all of us who have ordered so far you definitely chose the most unique/interesting specs.
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    Kopervik, Norway
    Main Rig:
    Pod HD500, 2X12 cab
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    Primary ERG:
    OAF MF8

    Music and other audio, photography, film/video...


    Affiliated with Kalium Strings, Oakland Axe Factory, and XEN Guitars