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    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    Almost same situation here too, except mine started Sunday evening, and no fever. Felt like complete shit yesterday. So, my wife and I took the at home covid test, and my came back positive. On top of that, we've had VIP tickets to go watch Wage War and Gideon tonight since January.
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    NGD Jackson RRX24 MG-7

    That's interesting, and something I didn't seem to kind. Thankfully the bridge volume pot is in the middle and not the front, because the neck pot gets turned down unintentionally while I play. What config would you prefer?
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    NGD Jackson RRX24 MG-7

    Nice. I like those. I was originally thinking just the blank ebony board, but now you've got me thinking. The classic fins in Onyx, and the Halo fins in two different finishes look badass also
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    James Hetfield admits he is struggling

    I felt the same way too back in 2017. I started Lexapro and Buspar. My wife started shortly after but she had Lexapro and trazadone. They did work at first for us both. I had to get off of them after about a year. I felt as if I was becoming a shell of myself, and I couldn't stand that. My...
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    NGD Jackson RRX24 MG-7

    Thanks dude! The credit goes to @Guitarjon for the Neck Illusions tip with how he made his Schecter 9 string look🍻
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    New Greg Puciato single

    Just listened to Lowered last night. Yeah that's a damn good track. Honestly had never heard of Reba, but they killed it together
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    What plug in saved your life?

    Quite a few for me, but as of right now the main one is the STL Will Putney suite. It's my go to for all of my tones. I've used and have a few of the neural dsp's. Used multiple other brands as well, but this one definitely helps me get the tone I've been looking for.
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    Opinions on drum "writing"?

    I think it fits very well, and accents fluidly. Good stuff
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    New Greg Puciato single

    I've always enjoyed Greg's work with Dillinger, and Kiler be Killed. I haven't listened to much of his solo stuff, but this "Grunge" side is cool. I'm sure touring with Cantrell has helped.
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    Can't find "Post random pics of your 6's thread"

    Good God man, answer your messages....
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    Can't find "Post random pics of your 6's thread" This link work for you?
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    NGD Jackson RRX24 MG-7

    Thanks dude, me too! Just remember they're a bitch to play sitting down. Had to make quite a few adjustments to comfortably play it, but damn it rips. Still early, but I think I may be happier with these than SS styles
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    Anyone into Lorna Shore?

    Yep. It's heavy, and full of layers.
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    NGD Jackson RRX24 MG-7

    Thanks man. Agreed 100%. The laurel just doesn't do it justice. I'm going to try the decals, because affording to the website you can get up to a year roughly. Worth a shot
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    NGD Jackson RRX24 MG-7

    Only real thing I plan to change soon is adding black illusion decals from neck illusions. I'm just not a fan of laurel fingerboards.