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Repless in Seattle, from Seattle, WA

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Jun 5, 2020 at 1:44 AM
    1. GunslingerCigar
      I saw your post where you were talking about the Jackson Cock Dragon. I am the owner of the original Cock Dragon. I commissioned Jackson to paint this guitar in 1984. it was meant to be the Dragon from a Boris Vallejo Painting ... although they did no paint what I wanted ... however I am now considering selling the guitar. are you interested? you can email me at ... I can send you photos....
    2. Xaios
      If my holiday rep seems confusing, it's because I thought I had a "Merry Christmas message in my clipboard ready to copy and paste. I didn't. :lol:
    3. Church2224
    4. tedtan
      Happy New Year. May it bring you health, success and happiness.
    5. Psykopath90
      Dude! You have to write that NGD thread about your Raptor! Totally looking forward to that
      :) and make sure to tell us everything about it!:D
    6. SiggyCertified
      They pretty much said that they're very much open to the idea but they're not exactly sure what to do themselves. I though a wooden imprint on the back of the headstock as its least likely to mess with tone. And would probably look badass. Or. Since the new fad nowadays is to have a wrist band or a piece of foam over the truss cover around the strings (myself included) maybe they could get some kind of official material over the strings with the name. Etc. I dunno. Just ideas.
    7. Sonic-Bullet
      Hey MetalDaze, sorry for the late reply. Yeah products were shipped from two different locations. We can't control ship timing right now, but we can offer a great cable experience. Hope to hear how you did with the SLUGs.
      Thanks again for being a customer!

    8. Sonic-Bullet
      Hey Dave, did you get those connectors?
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