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    The Faceless Megathread ("Autotheism" available 08.14.12)

    That was awesome!!! The track really encompasses elements of all of their work thus far. The new album is gonna be sick.
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    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Miles deserves that endorsement. He is an absolute beast.
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    Another GC/MF exclusive Ibanez RG6005 QM

    The guitar sounds really good in the video but leave it guitar center to play primarily blues-inspired riffs on a guitar more suited to metal. I really want to try one of these out. Sounds pretty slick.
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    Is bias fx considered the best for amp plugins?

    Best on iOS, yes. Best on Mac/PC, lolnope.
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    NGD: Aristides 060 Strat (Light Blue Pearl)

    What were you using to take the photos this time around? The shots of this look BEAUTIFUL.
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    The Contortionist / AAL / BTBAM - Ft Lauderdale (my review/rant/praises)

    Dude, you should have stayed for BTBAM. They are equally as tight and awesome live as AAL and The Contortionist
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    Overwhelmed by 8 strings

    I've been in an out of 8 strings for the past 3-4 years now. They are really fun but my thing is that I find it hard to accommodate bass. I have a 5 string and tuning up to F is just way too much tension for me. I might just get out of 8s for good soon.
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    The Official After the Burial Thread: All things ATB!

    He must have been going through some terrible things inside of his head. Listening to that demo reel he put out just makes me think that he gave that to us knowing the end was near. He released it the night before he made that Facebook post. I am extremely gutted by this situation. Like...say...
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    NGD: Skervesen Astilla FF7: Pistachio

    Not gonna lie, the fretboard looks like puke lol But...I'm glad you are happy!
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    NGD: Carvin DC7X (Surf Green and Opt. 50's)

    That is not an option 50. It is just an option that they don't have listed on the site :yesway: Dude, this color is stunning. I really can't tell any difference between the Surf Green on yours and the Seafoam Green on my Vader
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    NGD: BC Rich Warlock Flux ("Flux"? Wha? Yeah, me neither)

    Jesus H Christ that is nice
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    NGD: Cardinal Red JPX!

    That is easily the best JP finish out there. Jealous as hell.
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    Carvin Vader

    This gives me 2 more reasons to order another vader lol
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    The BTBAM megathread (The Parallax II: Future Sequence - 10.9.12)

    Never really could get into BTBAM even after multiple listens. REALLY liking what I am hearing for once and it is happening upon the first listen. I think this will be the first BTBAM album that I will like. I know, crucify me.
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    Line 6 Helix Megathread - 2.80 update

    Pretty optimistic about this for the following reasons: 1. It doesn't have the POD name - probably means a new direction in modeling/product in general aka this isn't going to be POD HD 2.0 2. It has been several years since a new, substantial product 3. Yamaha acquired Line 6 and probably...