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  • soooon man, soon. the music for the next EP is about half written, just waiting for the lyrics to be finished so we can properly piece it together meaningfully :)
    yeah i did the meet and greet last time they came to sydney, sooo fucking intense haha
    I still kind of want a sequel to Serenity, but Joss Whedon has understandably moved on. Maybe someday...
    The snare is a weird one as it's multisampled and velocity sampled, so at lower velocities a different snare triggers.

    The biggest problem with that loop is the quiet snare is so insipid, that's been fixed though now :) The big fat "slap you in the face" snare is fitting alright so far though :D
    Thanks dude :lol:

    Turns out I have to wait a bit longer to get those Sneap samples though :wallbash: College has blocked downloads with .rar extensions :wallbash:
    Originally I was thinking around 60, but depending on how it goes from here it may end up closer to 80. Depending on the length, if I decide to release a physical product I'll probably divide it into two (or maybe even 3) CD's.
    :lol: Yeah, understandable.

    I'm having some major trouble getting some clean samples to work with though, all I have is ~30,000 noise/industrial/lofi (emphasis on the lo-fi...) ones so far which is a pain in the ass. Thankfully I found a few links on the Sneap forum for free samples (which I hope will be nice and cleanly recorded), so I'm hoping they'll be better to work with and make them myself.
    You talking about the one that sounds like it's smashing you around the side of hte head with a metal pan and ringing out? :lol:
    Not so bad aye. Having some real trouble with the percussion though... It sounded good as it was, but now that I've thickened up the synths and given it a bit more beef, the percussion sounds horrible (the actual loops as much as the tone of them), so I'm in the process of redoing it all.
    There great:yesway:

    It's such a fantastic library that I've been tweaking here and there to my taste.
    This Tuesday I should be getting a Genz Benz G-Flex, then I'll need a power amp. Once I get those, I'll definitely give you a more complete opinion/critique. I'm lovin' the Engl patch so far though. Some nice lead and overdrive patches too, can't remember which though.
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