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    1. Abolyshed
      Thanks a lot man that answers all my questions. I really wanted the 2228 if it had a thinner neck and came with emg or something other than the stock ones (wich aren't even that bad). But I can just keep my RGA8 and get emg 808 or the new x series pick ups. Those dimarzio's are nice too though, thanks again!
    2. Abolyshed
      Oh right on dude, it looks mint. So whats with the flame in the neck? Yours has a groove behind the nut like its shaved down extra extra thin. I want an Ibanez with a neck like that. I've been looking on the site but I can't figure it out. I know thats called a wizard neck and theres different wizard necks, some of there guitars have a wizard I and then some have a wizard II, my RGA 8 it just says 5 piece wizard neck, and then a couple say wizard nitro wich sounds like the flashy-est name so I figured that was the thinnest. Is that what your neck is with the flame in it? And am I right about the different classes of wizards? When I saw they make a wizard I and a wizard II I just assumed one would be thinner than the other... sorry if this is an annoying question lol I can't figure it out.
    3. Abolyshed
      Whoa only 20 made? I wonder why they do that, probably just to make them rare and original. Did it cost WAY more or just the average prestige price?
    4. Abolyshed
      I was looking on Ibanez site and theyre all over the place with the way they make their models as in low end to high end. Like most companies would make cheap guitars with one pick up, shitty wood and a fat neck and make more expensive ones with two pick ups, better wood and thinner neck, loigical right? But Ibanez is all over the place, some have emg's, some come with or without a locking bridge, and I actually didnt see an 8 string with dimarzio on the site, saw other rg series 6s but not 8s with dimarzio. I just learned something about my 8 string, its an RGA 8, thought it was the same as the RG 8 but its not. Mine has locking bridge with one volume knob and an eq boost switch. Ibanez builds them with random features on each one, weird but I totally love the brand! lol
    5. bob82
      Loving your ibanez 8? Going to buy the second one or go for the custom build?
    6. bob82
      I know I keep harping on about it but what can anybody tell me about the Agile interceptor pro?
    7. bob82
      Hello! Im slowly getting the hang of this thing!
    8. Abolyshed
      Hey I was just checking out your 8 string. I own the step down from the one you have with the Ibanez pick ups and the neck isnt a wizard neck. Does yours have 2 volume knobs or is that a tone knob? And does it have dimarzio D activator 8 pickups?
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    Guitar Technician
    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez J Custom RG8127FBX
    Main Rig:
    FAS Axe FX Ultra
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    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez J Custom RG8127FBX (AEADGBE). Ibanez RG1527RB. Ibanez RG1527GB. Ibanez RGD2127ZISH.
    Other Guitars:
    ESP Custom Shop Alexi Laiho V Sawtooth (Drop C)
    ESP Custom Shop Dave Mustaine DV8 (Drop C)
    Ibanez RGA121 (Drop B and Drop B with B Dropped to Ab)
    Fractal Audio Axe FX Ultra (Main amp/processor)
    Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 50w
    Effects & Pedals:
    Stiletto Footswitch
    Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
    Korg Pitchblack Tuner
    Crybaby Wah
    MXR Black Label Chorus
    MXR Carbon Copy Delay
    Morpheus Polyphonic Drop Tune Pedal
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Hughs & Kettner 2 x 12 (Greenbacks)
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    PreSonus Audiobox
    Nuendo 4
    Amplitude 3
    Guitar Rig 3 & 4
    EZDrummer Drumkit From Hell
    Superior Drummer 2.0
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan Pickups
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