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    Yeah, it's alder. It's far too dense to be Basswood and the grain to it was very visible, plus it was darker than basswood. If it was basswood it'd be covered in dings and weigh alot less from how I've handled it :lol:. I know my RG7620 would bruise from the slightest taps and I got 2 dings on it within the few months I had it :ugh:

    So to sum it up, yes it's alder :). Also, I'm still debating if I should finish it white, and when I find out, I'm going to sand the whole thing down one more time and put a coat of acrylic lacquer primer on then go from there. In the end it's going to have a matte finish as gloss finishes irritate my picking hand because it causes my hand to stick after alot of playing.. As for now though, I've decided on a seymour duncan JB7 to go in it, and prolly get it rewound to the original JB specs.. or maybe get a BKP, but I currently lack a credit card and 130 dollars is quite a bit..
    hey mate, guitar is homemade with thru neck and ebony fretboard pickups are cheap of ebay but are getting swapped for dimarzios when i get paid. the other guitar on ocean view is a schecter c series hellraiser (old model without coil tap)
    alright mate, on the clip i am using a homemade seven string which is alright, randall rh150 head miced with an sm57 going into a toneport as a pre for distorted guitars and DI for the cleans on a JC clean on gearbox
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