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    1. AngstRiddenDreams
      Hey man, have you found any more good cab and mic combo's? I'm finding that some of the more vintage ones go well with the Tread as well, such as the 2x12. Don't remember the model but I think it's the only 2x12.
    2. that short guy
      that short guy
      I figured it out. I was genius in the wrong folder lol. I'm glad to see that you liked my tone test on soundcloud. Got a question for you though. Have you messed with acoustic guitar setting at all?
    3. that short guy
      that short guy
      Hey man I tried to download one of your tones but I'm not sure if i did it right lol is there a special program that I'm supposed to be using?
    4. JLP2005
      Fair enough-- I'm just looking for that wonderfully 'loud but quiet' turbodistortion. Getting super thick but clear distortion with sag to go around. Something along the lines of

      Black Cobra - Corrosion Fields (2011) - YouTube


      ► 6:58► 6:58
      KONGH - Sole Creation (Edit Version). New track from 2013 album! - YouTube

      If I can't remind myself to send you the Opeth clean tone I fabbed the other day, shoot me something later tonight to remind me.

      This tone probe comes off the back of an e-mail I got back from David Johanson from Kongh. Let's just say a Thunderverb 200 isn't anywhere near a budget for me :D
    5. JLP2005

      Loved the faceless patch you sent me-- still have to send you the AC30 patch I've been using for Opeth cleans -_-.

      Have you ever had anyone ask you what sorts of trickery one could do to get close to Orange Thunder/Rockerverb territory? I'd imagine the 'Doom' model would be pretty decent at getting towards this, but I wanted to ask you since you are a great source to me, as well as others. Hope all is well.
    6. AngstRiddenDreams
      Let me know what you think man! I'll share my settings with it as well so you get in the ball park of my patch. My usb input on my pod broke so I have to type this. :lol:
      Try the master around 65% with a low bias and bias x 15%. I believe this lets it get throaty without making it muddy. :) Also, I really like turning the thump to around 65% as well on both cabs.
      I don't know if you use the low cut setting on the cab dep's but if you turn the Treadplate low cut to around 85Hz, and keep the XXL to like 30 or so it really cleans up the low end and makes the XXL shine.
      Thank you so much with all of your help with the pod. Because of your advice I use the Q filter and Vocal pre amp phase reversal to shape my tone. :)
    7. AngstRiddenDreams
      Hey Bobbo! I stumbled upon an interesting cab and mic combo recently that really sounds great. I'm sure you've probably used it before in your endless quest but I figured I'd share anyways. :lol:
      Try using two Uber's (my favorite amp model) with an XXL cab on one and the Tread cab on the other. Put a SM57 on axis on the XXL and a 421 dynamic on the Tread.
      In my opinion it sounds a lot better than running two 57 on axis'.
    8. JLP2005
      I actually tinkered a bit last night and found a pretty decent 'bellsy' clean Opeth (pre-BWP) tone with the AC30 (go figure) model. I'll have the chance to share it sometime later today. Thanks, bobbo!
    9. JLP2005

      First off, a heartfelt thank you for writing your HD500 guide, not only did it help me get over the learning curve of the equipment, I imagine it has helped many others and will continue to do so over the lifepan of the HD500.

      After sampling your Ghost Reveries/Blackwater Park Opeth tones, I was actually quite satisfied with your reproductions. But, if I were to ask you:

      What configurations would you use to get the tone on the solo in Opeth's 'Windowpane'?
    10. Philligan
      Awesome, thanks man! That's really not bad, my local shop charges like $100 for a setup with fretwork, and I know the "tech" doesn't actually know how to do it, because I worked there :lol:

      My RGA8's not bad, so if I were gonna put the money into making it good, I'd rather pay more and ship it to someone I know I can trust. I didn't realize he's in Louisiana, but I'm still gonna at least look into shipping it to him first. I've just gotta decide if I wanna do that to make it significantly better, or sell it for less as-is once I get my DC800.

      Thanks again man :yesway: you've given me hope for my RGA8 :lol:
    11. Philligan
      Hey man, I saw your post about the RGA8 nut. I'm having problems with mine - where did you get a nut that fit reasonably? I really like your POD tips site by the way, it's helped me a lot :)
    12. mindwalker
      Dude you're golden!! Thanks a lot for the extensive reply to my post on the POD HD thread!! Very insightful! :)
    13. RickyCigs
      I could record a clip with one of your patches. Send me the link for the patch and I'll do it tomorrow.

      I love my d-activators. Until recently I wasn't crazy about them at all, but I stupidly didn't change the 25k mini pot when I put them in. I installed a 250k and it made an insane difference. I think I could have even gone for a 500k. I've tried to only exclusively use passive pickups now as it helps me hear what I'm doing wrong/right with my playing. My former 8 was an ltd fm-408 and the emg's basically just hid my sloppy playing so that I never got any better. I'm not the greatest player out there, but I hate not being able to tell that I can get better! Lol
    14. meambobbo
    15. AngstRiddenDreams
      Blackouts Vs Emg's on different settings. by Angst Ridden Dreams on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

      Figured you'd like this. :lol:
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