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  • Hey,

    Yeah I do, I'll send a link later, I'm having trouble getting onto the site at the minute, only works on my phone.
    Yo man, thanks for the add :yesway:

    I'm currently working on a new project which is showing great promise, the writing process is going great!

    I don't want to speak about it prematurely, but hopefully soon we'll have something worth showing the general public :)
    Did ya go out? I was all planned to get dressed up and go out on it, got invited to a small party and by the time i got back it was almost 1 and i couldn't be arsed to go out! Should have really, prolly would had a right mental night!!!
    Good? Dunno about that! Hate the place! Yeah its not a bad guitar but, I wanna get rid of it I want a trem again!!! Checked ya band out on the old myspace, sounds sweet!!!
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