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    Do you straplock?

    Both Dunlop, Schaller and Fender ones. My favorites are the Schallers, as there is less probability of the guitar falling should the lock fail
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    Rate my pedal-chain (diagram).. before I solder it all in!

    I don't see anything wrong with it. The only thing is the Spark, if it is for volume boost it is better in the loop, other than that its cool
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    NGD: Kiesel Aries 7 (str8 smurfin)

    Was the toggle an option 50 or will they do it if you ask nicely?
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    Fitting jack in/out to a NEW Pedaltrain Jr (no mounting plate), in England?

    I'd just make some male to female cables and attach the female end to the board. Some of these Thats what I did. The other ends connect to the pedals in question (first and last in the chain, and FX Loop pedals). If I need to go with everything into the front of an amp I just put a small cable...
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    The New Micro Dark From Orange

    I need this in my life clearly. I loved the idea of the original one, but the lack of effects loop... This is perfect and sounds great as f***.
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    Kiesel Aries (New model)

    A designer worked on the Solar, so logic dictates it should be visually pleasing :lol:
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    Kiesel Aries (New model)

    Definitely double cut, or at least almost
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    Yup, another pickup help needed thread

    Hi all! I need some help with some pickups. I have a BKP Aftermath set in the guitar since it was made 2 years ago, and I love them, especially the characteristics of the bridge pickup (although probably a bit too hot), and the overall clarity and responsiveness BKP are known for. I do a...
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    Kiesel Aries (New model)

    With that headstock I really doubt it strays from a super strat or super tele (yes, I said it)
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    So I was going through some Kimmel videos...

    Lo and behold. Probably delivering some guitars in LA
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    Running Positive Grid as a live rig

    I actually run it from my iPhone directly to front of house, with a powered FRFR speaker on stage to act as an "amp". I think it is the best way to use it
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    Positive Grid's JamUp/BIAS Live

    I'd put the wah and the phaser before the iPad. And also make sure the signal coming out of the iPad/interface isn't too hot for the delay pedal's input
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    So I decided to seize the Tc Electronic discount on the MojoMojo and then this happened (yeah, it is a pink sheet covering my gear from dust) Nineties reissue Marshall Bluesbreaker. I think I need a Les Paul or(and) a Tele now.
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    Patchbay for Pedalboard

    I've done some male-female patch cables and attached the female connectors on the riser I have in the board near the top corner of the board. I just marked each cable and it is an automatic procedure now setting it up and tearing down. It is like having a slightly longer cable. Even without a...