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  • Don't worry, I haven't taken any decision yet.
    I have been given the name of Franco Di Filippo too, who in the 80s made guitars for people like Ricky Portera (now Ibanez endorser), Andrea Braido and others under the Douglas guitar brand (but I don't think it's the same Douglas used by Rondo in USA)
    Still searching but your info is very useful.
    Thanks again Max, your help is always really appreciated.
    Anyway I think the costs includes a passage in the Plek machine, as he's an authorized Plek center.
    I mailed him again to ask about it.
    And I forget to mention that he had worked for Ibanez luthiery service back in the days when the service was still available in Italy.
    Thanks for the reply, I didn't wanted to open a thread about it.
    I've never played instruments fretted by this man, I only had a bridge swapped in a Yamaha custom, an Ibanez RBM refinished and some set-ups.
    I realized the asked price is indeed very high and that's why I asked.
    I think I have to search around a bit and ask some other estimate.
    Thanks again. :)
    Hello Max, I've been asked € 250 to refret an Ibanez Jemm77 '89 with Jumbo 6100.
    The wood on the fretboard is in excellent condition, otherwise it would have costed more.
    I haven't given the guitar to the luthier yet.
    Do you think it's a fair price?
    Thanks for the help.
    "You weren't asked because we, frankly, don't need your permission and even if you were asked there is nothing you could do about it as only Mods can modify threads like that."

    This made my week :lol:
    you seem like a kewl guy. I just sent you a friend request :) is it ok if I as you a question of advice about something I'm wondering about my pickups, or should I start a thread?
    Hello, I figured you could help me without having to open a thread.
    The little plastic cap on the switch of my Schecter broke (the Les Paul kind of switch).
    Is there a way I can find online only the cap or do I have to buy the full switch?
    Just wanted to pop in and say thanks - again - for all the beer recommendations. They helped me jump-start my expansion. These many moons later, the only style I can't really hang with is IPA. Except maybe in a black-and-tan.. ;)
    Hi again!
    My name is Juan and I'm from Jaen, Spain.
    Excuse my insistence, but would you be interested in selling your guitar Washburn Wi556b? Cheers! :)
    Hey Max, you know of any good and experienced techs in Wisconsin (especially with flexible hours since I work around 10 hours a day Mon-Sat)? Right now I'm just simply looking for some fretwork cleaned up/tangs filed down and an overall setup.
    Hey man! I was just wondering since I've heard you're an Ibanez guru you could help me out a little. So I'm looking for an old Ibanez that I could pick up used for around 300-500 bucks and while I was browsing GuitarCenter's used selection I found an old 540S... At least that's what I think it is. I could be totally wrong, but from what I see there's a volume and tone knob, a blade pickup selector, and what appears to be a Lo Pro Edge. The old 540S's have toggle switches and the fact that this one has a blade just makes no sense to me other than it might be a mod the previous owner (or at least one of them) decided to do. I was just wondering if before I go off being crazy about this super rare guitar I get some clarity on what model it actually is just so I don't get ripped off xD thanks man!
    Hi Max! I`m back. Was missing the site since a lot of time but was complicated at work, family, etc. I will be posting some things soon. :metal:
    Hello :)
    Can I please have infos about the lock of the guitar features thread?
    It didn't break any rule, it was quite civil and no one was bashing other users.
    Thanks, and have a good day :)
    What's wrong with you that you have gotten on your high almighty forum mod throne? You thought you sniffed out a false flag? Do you actually think I made that thread as a joke? Couldn't it just be that I was ignorant that the problem was on the Gibson SG was a minor one? Your actions were really uncalled highjack my thread and assume I made it as a joke. That got me real mad, so of course I'm going to say something smart. But you started the problem because you got on your high horse and made an assumption on my intention of starting that thread. You should be ashamed of yourself. I'm sorry about the mountain dew joke, but now I want an apology,
    Hey man do you mind telling me the length of your UV1000c? If it's below 46 inches it'll work for the shipping situation I'm in. Thanks man!
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