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Jul 21, 2016
    1. XeoFLCL
      ... HAHA OH GOD it JUST phased me I ordered my new guitar from you :lol:
      I knew when I saw the name "matt's music" I was thinking "where have I read that before.." :D

      Trying to keep it quiet for the NGD, but I'm sure no one will catch it here; I'm the one who jumped on the Ibanez SIR27FD you had on eBay, but I was researching to check and see how it's packaged, I didn't realize until after that it'd be travelling through the depths of the states to get to me and that's got me kinda concerned a bit. Think I should be worrying at all or can I sleep soundly?

      Also I've really gotta say thanks for throwing that deal out there, been wanting an S7 for the longest time. I'll definitely give a shoutout once it arrives!
    2. MetalThrasher
      Hi Matt. Question about the first run on ssorg Jackson SLT2 custom run. I know there is one spot left. This might be a feeler but maybe not. How much is the guitar? How much do I have to put down and when will the balance be due? Thanks Matt.
    3. Divided Skies
      Divided Skies
      Hey im interested in the seven string sl2h but how much is it in total as well as the building time?
    4. bls4lyfe01
      hi matt, any more available spots open for the jackson 7 sl2h run?? How much is price and build time? any info would be great, thanks man
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