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  • Thank you Sir!

    I'm pretty free with the positive Rep too. I actually think the like function is one of the best parts of Sevenstring. Cuts down on so much stupid, "+1,"ing posts.
    Hahahaha very good! I think....

    You can download them through the dropbox links, feel free!

    I'm doing a proper EP with vocals and whatnot and I'll be posting it here for free.
    Goddamn vaginas! I think it's funny that they have enough balls to neg you but not leave a name . Like im gonna look them up and find them and make them apologize.
    Your definatly right about the sandy vaginas.
    Unfortunately, I haven't had much opportunity or ability to write and record..but with an incoming POD I'm hoping to change that haha. I pretty much like anything, though of course I lean more towards heavy/odd music. I'm certainly far from pro, but I suck less than I used to, wooo!

    Sucks about the S, but I agree about the importance. :lol: I hope you can pick up a sick 7 again soon.
    Hey fellow Ontarian. :yesway: Says on your page you have an s7320, one of which I dearly loved and wish I didn't sell :lol: thought I'd say hi :wavey:
    Hey man, don't worry about the top down view. It would have made it a bit more realistic but I can work with just using the dropper tool on the existing black knobs, filling them up and then add lighting to make it look like that metallic blue stuff. I'll have it done for ya tomorrow (im in EU time so yea :p)
    so its not a rg7421xl?the 7421xl is a baritone 27 inch scale guitar. the rg7321 is a normal 25.5 inch guitar. big difference lol. the 7421xl was made in 99 and 2000, the 7321 is still being produced :)
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