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    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    Even Avenged Sevenfold is gettin' in on the action!
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    ESP Stef B7 pickup swap

    These are active soapbar routes that have been retrofitted with passives - there will be room in the cavity for a battery
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    Any love for Floyd Rose Bridges?

    How a Floyd Rose works: That's it. That's the whole mystery.
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    Fender lets go 300 employees

    I just pray the quality doesn't drop. My only lengthy experience with Fender has been my Player Strat (MIM, so probably unaffected by these layoffs), but it's easily on par with my MIJ Ibanez stuff. The American Strats I've played in stores (despite that patented Store Setup™ with 3mm action...
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    It was only a matter of time....Archetype Rabea. Ok then

    It's just the same clean > edge of breakup > 5150 amps, but there's a special section that has a webcam filter to give you white guy dreads you can look at while you play.
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    How it started vs. How it's going

    First: Squier Strat from some starter pack Most recent: RG550DY: I honestly want to put the original pickguard back on the Squier (I hacked it up to fit a humbucker as well) and put the random Peavey Ceramic neck humbucker back in to make it the same as it was for like 10+ years. Here's...
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    It was only a matter of time....Archetype Rabea. Ok then

    My issue with NDSP has always been the IRs. Either I'm doing something completely wrong, or they're just not good and try making up for it by saying there's "s0o0o0o0o many combinations". All these plugins sound 100x better with a York/OwnHammer IR.
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    Another NeuralDSP plugin incoming

    I bought the Omega Granophyre when it was on sale and don't regret it, I just use other plugins for delay and stuff, but my next "thing" would definitely be a helix or fractal unit as well.
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    Another NeuralDSP plugin incoming

    Updates to existing plugins: ..... (tumbleweed) New plugins: GUYSSSSSS IT HAS CLEAN, CRUNCH, AAAAAAAAAAAND HIGH GAIN!! DELAY! REVERB!! SYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNTH!!!!! I'm happy I never went all in on any of these lol.
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    Any love for Floyd Rose Bridges?

    Floyd alternatives always seem like a solution looking for a problem to me. They all rag on the FR system, then just copy the basic principle and integrate some fixes for common issues. It's not to say that improvements can't be made such as an integrated intonation tool, but overall I find the...
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    90s Nostalgia

    Used to see this infomercial all the time on weekends as a kid:
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    Dave Davidson getting another new sig set of Dimarzios?

    I've always wondered where the belief in these descriptions ends. Like, where in the chain does someone roll their eyes when asked to make something to "hear every note in a big chord". Do the artists genuinely believe they're speccing something unique when asking for "Tight low end without...
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    Anyone actually striving to be more minimalist?

    I have the gear for fun, but I do gravitate towards simple. My pedalboard really only needs to be Boss Tuner > Boss Noise Suppressor > TS9.
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    Another NeuralDSP plugin incoming

    NDSP Omega used to be my go-to but I've been feeling the free/ancient LePou Lecto lately. I always check out the new stuff, but I'd probably only get another if it had some mindblowing feature and only during a 50% off sale.
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    What do you dislike about your favorite guitar you own?

    I can't really choose a favorite, so I'll just use this as a chance to bitch about things I otherwise like: RG2550E: Perfect except for the Edge Pro. Tuning stability is fine, I just can't seem to get the arm holder as tight as it is on my 7620 (tightened by me using the IbanezRules guide here)...

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