Hopefully going to post some demos! Teen from Seattle.

I play guitar and sing. I play Black metal and old school punk (think New York dolls)
Shoreline, Wa
Primary Seven
Jackson js22-7
Main Rig
Jca20h -> Guitar
Real Name
Sevenstring Guitars
Jackson js22-7
Other Guitars
Ltd M-15 with seymour duncan invader in bridge
Local Seattle built custom les paul
1987 Kramer XL1
1968 Gibson les paul custom black beauty "fretless wonder"
Polaris 26.5 scale Flying V
Jet City jca20h
1969 Marshall Super Lead 100
Effects & Pedals
MXR Prime distortion
Minifooer shimmer/reverb
80's locobox spaceship flanger
Big muff w/ tone wicker
Cabinets / Monitors
Marshall 20th Anniversary 4x12
Generic/unbranded 1x12 with celestion
Remains of a super old orange 4x12 cab
Studio & Recording Gear
CAD U37 USB condenser mic
Shitty squier mixer I found on the side of the road in Galway


I like punk and metal :wavey: