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    My Pakistani Prog Metal/Djent band just released a song. Please give it a listen.

    Haraamiii! Killer song writing and amazing production. Glad to know you guys are the forerunners for the metal scene in Pakistan. I need to be in Lahore the next time you guys play live.
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    Small Product Lab Competition: Quick Metal Mix Guide

    It could be an in-depth guide, but you need to understand that it's a project which I have exactly 10 days for till launch. It's meant to be very small and simple. Going into detail will in no way leave me enough time to do everything else like setting up the website, marketing, etc. Even though...
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    Small Product Lab Competition: Quick Metal Mix Guide

    So it's the last 2 weeks of summer school and I came across Gumroads 'Small Product Lab Competition' which seems to be a much better way of spending time than studying Accounts. It basically gives you just 10 days to officialy release a product, narrowed...
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    Ignite-Anvil, Emissary, TS-999, NadIR

    I really like the sound of the Emissary with the TS. Could you please specify which impulses you used?
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    NGD: Built myself my first 7-string

    That looks top notch, HNGD!
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    "Course Bottom" - A new song from my band Oceill! (Mastered by Acle @ 4DSounds!!)

    That was quite the listening experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Great composition and a very well balanced mix. I'm just curious to know, is your role in the band strictly engineering, or do you help out with the guitars as well? Because I remember you had a pretty sick entry in the 'SSO One...
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    Crit my Mix (Generic "Djent" Riff)

    Second clip sounds massive, good job!
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    How do i do this effect/make this sound

    Sounds like the reverse of a hard, reverbed snare hit.
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    Recording Software

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    Talk Djenty To Me - Jason Derulo Metal Remix

    I've had this on repeat for quite a while now. Great job!
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    Fans of Modern Day Babylon?

    Travelers is such a solid album. I love it even more for the production quality.
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    NGD: Ibanez K-7 (Deal of the Century)

    Unbelievable! Deal of the century indeed.
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    N(old)GD Modded Ibanez RG7321

    That looks amazing! I will never look at my 7321 the same way again. :(
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    Nick Johnston

    This guy is unreal! Can't wait for album 3.
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    Joseph Parry

    That's awesome man, congratulations!