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  • Hey, man! Yeah we have a ton of material written, but we're still searching for the right bassist to complete our lineup so we can finish the Full-Length. It's definitely coming.....just a matter of time! Thanks for the support!
    yo marc can u please tell me pickups u use in ur fender i see u have like a hotrail for the bridge. Do u have just stock fender for middle and neck or do u use somthin different?

    btw "PIE members are GODS at what they do" PLEASE come to columbus oh PLEASEEE
    I comment on your wall because facebook is gay. But seriously, I'ma hit you up one of these weekends. I'll probably end up throwing a kegger sometime soon, as I've done that twice in the past month, but I'll let you know either way. I need some good beer and guitar conversations.
    Would you mind sharing the tuning for Skylines?
    I know every lick in that song by heart now so I think I'm going to give it a go and try learn it by ear :flex:
    Maybe even transpose it to a 7 :idea:

    I love it how you guys are pushing the boundaries of metal and inspire other people, including me, to step outside the box :yesway:
    To be honest, I never listened to jazz before I heard you guys.. now I'm hooked to Joe Pass, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, etc. haha

    It's funny, my biggest influences at the moment are you guys, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and SikTh..
    That's one hell of a mix, like progressive/math/fusion/tech/melo or something :lol:
    Awesome man. What is your favorite guitar/guitar brand? Have you looked into Agile? They are really good quality cheap priced guitars.

    Haha i just realized that. i looked up the youtube vid where you guys play Distanced by Dissonance and I noticed you're using a Carvin and James is using an Ibanez RG7321 ( i presume?).
    I love Drop A. Thats my favorite 7 string tuning so far haha. What tuning do u guys play on ur 6's?

    Btw if you dont mind me asking, do you have AIM?
    I hear ya bro. Im trying desperately to find a job so i can buy more gear hahaha. Is it true some of the new material is gonna be on seven strings?

    P.S. You are one of the few dudes ive seen shred the fuck out of a fender strat. I gotta give it to you thats badass :hbang::shred:
    PIE rule. you guys destroy. im trying to get a group together but everyone in this isolated scene here sucks save for one other guitarist i know. we cannot, simply cannot find a drummer. lucky youre up in long island with competent musicians and schools and just a larger population in general.
    Sounds good man. I hear ya loud and clear haha lol. Im in a band a broke ass band myself so i understand where ur coming from. When do u guys plan on recording the full length?
    Sup dude? My name is Andrew and I just wanted to say that im a huge fan of PIE and Im looking forward to the new stuff.

    You guys need to come to Miami! :hbang:
    Wow, the playing in those clips was really clean. :yesway:

    Yeah, I saw that the physical CD's are available in that thread. I'm hoping to pick one up during the beginning of the week sometime. Do you guys actually send them out yourselves? Cause if so, I'd love to get you guys to sign it. :wub: :lol:

    Happy New Year, bro. Hopefully it's a really successful year for you guys, as I'm sure it will be. :metal:
    Absolutely one of the most talented bands out there man :metal:
    Each composition is pure perfection! On top of that, the mix of different styles is truly inspiring and really expanded my musical apprehension in general.

    Thanks for making such amazing music, hopefully you guys tour Europe in the near future because I can't fucking wait to witness the epicness!

    Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make it a brutal one! :cheers:
    You guys should totally hook up with The Empire Shall Fall. JakeRI is a member on here ( - View Profile: JakeRI) and he's actually going to school for jazz as well.

    They're great guys, a great band, and they feature Jesse Leach (formerly of Killswitch Engage). I believe he's from Yonkers, but they play down that way, as well as Upstate all the time. :yesway:

    Here's their myspace:
    The Empire Shall Fall on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
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