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  • Just read your sneap post - 6L6s in the power section, not sure of the brand but they've been in there just over a year and I've literally taken it in the studio once
    Hello sir! All is very well thanks, although still no sign of the bag ;). What have you been up to since then? Heard you had a new project on the go.
    Yeah, that would be cool- I hear rumblings of a Maple neck 7...My favorite UV is the green one but I can't find the damn things (-when I have cash), so I may have to settle for a reg RG7 with the maple neck~
    Hi ,

    Well i've just got back from the US , as i've been teching abit out there just to make some money.
    The job hunting can now wait till the new year and plus we are looking at moving me and my other half in the new year.

    Take Care and i'll keep my eyes open with regards to your future music making.
    540S7! NICE! I had a reg 540s back when the Alex Skolnik started using them- I loved it - but I traded it in eventually for a Les Paul double cut away( because I saw Harry K Cody from Shotgun Messiah using, and I thought hmmm.....needless to say it was a bad mistake that I-Did you catch the Ibanez 2009 thread on here yet?

    I heard the news on blabbermouth ....you have left chaosanct , i wish you all the best with all the new things you do in the future and if your ever playing again in london i'll pop along and support you.

    By the way your one good guitar play and someone that flys the flag for the seven string.
    I'm based in London (Chelsea area) and would be intrested in seeing you guys play in september mail me the dates and where your playing. My fav pub used to be the old goth pub in camden for drinking .....now it's a evening listening to music and the storys Jerry and the guys tell in the crobar

    Had a look on your myspace page and you song rocks the ......damn and your from camden .....love to see ya band play sometime.

    Hey man,for our tour we are playing bedford park north london. would your band be up for playing as the local band with My band(if fire would fall), cilice, and no made sense?Check all the bands on myspace. should be an awesome night! It would be on the 3rd of August.

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