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  • Being the only person who opens the F5 info in Guitar Pro, great job on that Bombfare tab dude!
    You clever bastard... I realized you were the only person with a "dislike" link on your posts... Then I realized it was sig'd. :squint:
    Woah, you're only 20 minutes away from Milwaukee? I'm only 10 minutes south of the heart of downtown.
    Woah. That is sexy. :agreed:

    I'm looking for another one, myself, because I like to keep my guitars in "pairs" so that I can gig with them and have a similar backup. I use mine as an In Flames LP clone, so it's got and 81 and 85 pair, 2-volume and 2-tone, and 3-way toggle.
    Having trouble getting any pictures of mine, but this is pretty much it:

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