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Feb 6, 2020
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Previously CYBERSYN, from Sunny Coast, Australia

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Feb 6, 2020
    1. 7stringDemon
      Would you mind if I stole that and put it in my sig? Because people's lack of the search function bothers the hell out of me and I'd love to help the cause haha.
    2. 7stringDemon
      Your sig (about the proper way to search the site) is wonderful. I wish everyone knew about that (myself included in my earliest posts on this site). Figured I'd let you know :lol:
    3. cow 7 sig
      cow 7 sig
      are you on FB?
    4. cow 7 sig
      cow 7 sig
      its doing well.had some down time due a few issues but been back in full swing since about march.in the middle of recording our demo,just a 4 track for now just to get it out there but its good.having a blast and rediscovering my love for the instrument.in talks with the ESP/LTD distributors here in aust about putting me on the artist roster.see how that pans out.whats been going down your end of town?
    5. cow 7 sig
      cow 7 sig
      hey mang,been awhile.
    6. asher
      I had an MZ and it was super easy to set up and the ZPS was pretty neat, so that would be ideal I think, but not necessary.
    7. asher
      holy shit dude that's ridiculous :noplease:

      also good call on moving to messages haha
    8. tedtan
      Happy New Year. May it bring you health, success and happiness.
    9. cow 7 sig
      cow 7 sig
      hey pal.yea i still have it,no i dont want to part with lol.new band is going well.think Fear Factory spliced with Meshuggah and a touch of Nevermore.we split leads and do some dual stuff.its fun.good to be back playing what i love.
    10. cow 7 sig
      cow 7 sig
      hey mang,hows things? yea been awhile since i was last on here.been busy with work n shit.started a new band here in WA so will see how that pans out.strictly 7 and 8 string stuff. R T F O :hbang::yesway:
    11. Scruffy1012
      hey man, hit me up when the new project comes to fruition, i'm keen to hear it already haha
    12. Luke Acacia
      Luke Acacia
      Do you play in any Sunny Coast bands?
    13. Soubi7string
      Contacted despised 5101 or whatever his name was to ask about how it worked and went but no response and that was over a week or 2 ago.contacted the dude at cheese block fx but I haven't been around a pc(that remembers my password for my email) so idk if he responded yet or not.Though I'm fairly sure the guy is up to it. ThInking about adding the digitech hardwire tremolo to my pedalboard but idk if I could use it for death metal/grind.what do you think?
    14. Soubi7string
      will do sir.I was trying to find the exact guy with that mod but I couldn't remember it for shit lol.Thanks again man!
    15. Soubi7string
      yeah, thanks lol everyone else was gettin all pissy pants cause I didn't want axe fx or wanted to pay out the butt for a custom tailored switcher and looper
    16. Soubi7string
      that is EXACTLY what I was talking about except incorporating one of those into either on switch or put them so close together I am able to hit both of them at the same time.DUDE THANK YOU! 8D +1!
    17. Soubi7string
      thats actually not the dude that does it I remember he posted somewhere on here showing off the boards he made and I can't find him ANYWHERE :wallbash:
    18. MaxOfMetal
      Ibanez will replace the neck, only if you surrender the original neck. Ibanez doesn't want tons of their necks floating around, so in order to get a replacement neck, you have to give them the neck you're replacing.
    19. MaxOfMetal
      Do you mean MTM2? As the MTM1 is neck-thru and the only way to fix that would be to get the headstock professionally repaired.

      If it is an MTM2 for replacement necks you have a few options:

      1) Take the guitar to an authorized Ibanez dealer/repair center and look into getting another MTM neck. If still under warranty you may be able to get them to replace the neck for free or next to nothing.
      2) If getting a new new under warranty isn't an option, look into getting it repaired, that too could possibly be covered under the warranty depending on situation.
      3) Scour eBay for a replacement neck. Any 24 fret reverse headstock neck that's not branded as "Prestige" should fit pretty good. Finding reverse headstock, MIJ necks is VERY rare, but MIK and MII ones pop up quite frequently for decent prices.
      4) Get ET Guitars to make you a custom replacement. This is the most expensive option, but will yield the best overall results in all likeliness.
    20. Sang-Drax
      I'm not sure one which ones to get myself... Doug from eurotubes recommended me either KT77's or E34L's as well. Despite that, I considered getting El34's since I was aiming at a totally non metal tone back then.

      Now that I left my rock band and I'm starting a rock/metal crossbreed project, the deeper low end from 6l6's might come handy, thus my recent research on E34l's and kt77's again. I wonder what's the difference between those two, though :scratch:

      I'm getting lower gain preamp tubes as well. I want a less compressed tone... if I manage to pull off a tone midway between Marshall and a Dual Recto, that would be perfect! :D
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