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  • All good dude! yeah, only for a year or 2, doing some work there in Linkoping, should be pretty good haha. Also, hit up Tom Brown on facebook, he might be interested/might know someone keen
    Don't have any of my peaveys at syd atm man, they are all in my new place in sweden. Have you tried throwin it up on Melband/Bmusic forum ?
    Hey dude, if you sell your ibby, check out 6 string.com, some seriously good deals for ESP on the site dude.
    hey man, do you remember where you got your mesa from ? been looking around and all the 4x12s here are like 2.xk
    Nah, marshy won't ever sell his amps haha. Getting it from Tom Brown. Man, i would jump on it, but i badly need a new 8 haha, do you have any 8 strings by any chance ?
    haha cheers man! good to be back :D gonna take a while to get used to things again. How you holdin up man ? had some crazy gas and got a Mesa dual rec road king in a trade from one of the old guitarist from thy art. You got your eye on anything ?
    In Osaka atm, it got a lot colder, we are leaving tomorrow. Did you guys get up to much ? How was the beer hall?
    haha, i was just doing guitar tech/sound guy work for a few indie bands, wasn't anything special. My bands called Telesian, should have a full length/page etc by the time i get back. Hows your projects going man ?
    second, first time was pretty shit, spent the entire time in a van and venues. Get to actually see shit this time haha, really keen to see Osaka/kyoto. You got any places to definitely see on your list ? so far mine are tokyo imperial palace and matsumoto palace haha
    we got a 21 day one for 600, we got it via escape travel, buy the rail pass in aus man, its a lot cheaper here. Doesn't take too long to get it, think about 4-5 days max
    yeah, we got it pretty cheap with the flights, came with a lodge etc. How much did you get your rail pass for btw ? ours was pricey as f00k
    Haha, same man, winging a lot of it as well. Do you guys have hotels sorted out or just winging that as well ?
    we head over on the 7th, but we are skiing for 10 days, should be at tokyo from the 17thish til about the 31st, ill double check the exact dates.
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