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  • how ya doin man? comin back to cinci ohio, ill stick around to buy you that beer this time \m/
    Hey man I was wondering, how good does the JPX7 handle the low G? What do you use gauge wise? I'm assuming it's a .70 or something? I really wanna get a JPX7 but i wonder if the short scale will have an effect on it in terms of clarity and articulation. Thanks for your time dude. Appreciate it :)
    hey man do you know when pre orders are going to be up for the new album or does the record label deal with that stuff?
    Didnt expect a response lol. Does it still sound heavy even with that bolt on neck? Ive only just begun guitar so I don't know how much that has to do with it. Also, by the time I can get a JP7, I doubt the BFR will still be around. worth it anyway?
    Just wondering the details about your JP7. Its a JP7 BFR or a regular one? And is your bridge pick up not the stock one? Thanks bro.
    Hey man iv always loved you, i hear your a fan of mustard, well guess what i am as well, maybe we should get nervous together, and play some cod, or hang out with bumbs and make them jerk us off, just a suggestion, thanks for being my hero
    Dude, i just got finished listening to A Higher Place and i friggin loved that entire album from start to finish.
    you are friggin BEAST, man.
    I cant wait to hear the new stuff!
    thats unreal!! only bad thing is im gonna have to buy a 7 string now!
    i was just wondering is this album gonna be more of a combined effort between all of you like a higher place or just cameron like in the new riegn? and when i have my bands song recorded can i send it to you and will you have a listen to it?
    you are my biggest influence!! well in my guitar playin aswell as cameron...
    man i check your myspace everyday in hope of a new tune just wondering when around will i be hearing some new songs......and dont mind those fuckheads a higher place is a great album!!
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