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  • Great playing in that video you did with the RG7. You have such a light touch! It's another sign telling me I need to rework some bad habits that are holding me back.
    Wow, yeah... that was quite a long time ago! But anyway, thanks a lot... although I wasn't thinking on getting one anymore, I might pull the trigger if I came across one of those for a decent price. Circus Maximus was my last hope of getting a decent heavy tone out of a jmp-1, but it seems to be impossible, then :lol:

    Thanks a lot for going out of your way just to point me that out! =)

    I just heard you're little demo with the Triaxis, and I was thoroughly impressed with your tone! Sure blows line 6 away haha. I was just wondering how you obtained such clarity. Did you record direct out from the Triaxis?

    Thanks for your time Leec!

    I approve of your profile pic.

    Oh look, a frisbee! Why don't you go and play with it over there... where we will melt you into fluid!!!:lol:
    ahh ok... i'd heard OF blabbermouth but never really looked into it... i was at an opeth show and the first thing akerfeldt (sp?) said was "FUCK BLABBERMOUTH" haha... so i just figured i'd ask rather than just accepting what he said as the gospel. thanks
    hey i noticed that blabbermouth quote on one of ur posts...

    as i understand it blabbermouth is supposed to be some kind of metal authority or is this incorrect? i never hear anything good about them from anyone i'd consider to be respectable...

    or are they the equivalent of "The Source" to hip hop? (ie - they claim to be some kind of authority and are really just fulla shit) cuz whoever said that is a class A jackass...
    I just listened to Circus Maximus, and that's heavy enough for my needs :)

    And, just for the records, a used JMP-1 costs around US$ 780.00. Yay.
    I don't really know, but I live in Brazil. Everything's more than twice as expensive than in the 1st world; Marshall all the more, being a famous brand and all. It does retain resale value quite enough, OTOH. It's just than I plan on buying a top-notch boutique amp manufactured in here which is quite inexpensive, but it takes as much as 2 years to be delivered. I wanted something else to use in the meantime. I sort of got a deal in a used one, but the prospector vendor disappeared. Probably got a better offer near his home.

    I kinda like this jmp-1 tone: YouTube - marshall jmp-1
    Hey man

    I'm considering getting myself a JMP-1, too (along with a Mesa 50/50). Are you still happy with it?
    Congratulations dude! :woot:

    I'd actually run the midi cable:

    FCB1010-(MIDI OUT)->JMP-1-(MIDI THRU)->G-Major

    Ultimately, you have to set a "midi channel" for each pedal on your FCB1010 (hypothetically, Channel 1 should work), then set your FCB1010 to send Programs Changes *numbers 1-10, representing 1 for each button on your board should work just fine*.

    Next, you set the JMP-1 to listen to a "midi channel" (hypothetically, Channel 1 or whichever you decide to send from the board; or you could use "omni" which listens to all channels) and "input map" the program changes by number, to select different presets. ( Details in http://www.marshallamps.com/downloads/files/JMP_1%20Hbk.pdf just incase you don't have a copy). That should get the JMP-1 responding to the pedal.

    Pretty much do the exact same thing with the G-major. Get it to listen to the same "midi channel" and then "input map" what you want it to do with each "program change" it receives. (details here incase you didn't already have it: http://www.tcelectronic.com/media/G_Major_US_rev71.pdf )

    Actually, I think both devices should pickup on "program changes" 1-10+ as changing preset by default... since that's the most common implementation of them anyway. Either way, you can program the pedal first, and plug everything and see if they all respond correctly. Also, there's a few other ways of programming it but that's pretty much the simplest.

    There's a little manual on "Using the FCB-1010 with the G-Major" that could give you some hints, but it gets into stompboxing, etc.:


    Lastly, basic program changes AREN'T hard to program in the FCB1010 but I'd still consider using the programmer I mentioned in the thread ( http://www.mtnsys.com/faq-fcb/PCEditorBeta.htm ), as it makes the job a million times easier and you can make back-ups if you need to. Plus, I had a few times I put in a single parameter wrong (when programming by hand :mad:) and sat around for an hour or two just finding where the problem was... the programmer eliminates that issue.

    The FCB1010 Yahoo! Group has a lot of great information incase you get confused about anything.


    Kind of a really "simple" explanation of the whole thing, but I figured that might be a descent start incase there's anything you're not familiar with. If you need any more help, or anything... drop me a line! :wavey:


    My guitar player has one, and the quality of the effects and the interface are WAY above par. However, parts do get damaged on them easily/often and he said the he ordered a replacement knob from them at one point, so I'd imagine you can get a new "enter" button, if that'll help anything?

    The big reason I chose the FCB, personally, was because MOST units (meaning rack multi-effects) I checked out have a lag time of some sort between presets (which are called up via program changes) and the option of "stomp boxing" effects (via control changes) made for seemless transitions. Also, I made us of the expression pedals for volume, and/or wah/whammy.

    Either unit is great though, as the midimate is VERY sturdy, and the big LED display is a huge plus. I'll have my fingers crossed, too. ;)
    Wow... sorry to hear both those things.

    Are you going to be able to get some compensation for the damage to the G-Major? Also... have you decided on which pedal to go with?

    I'm dying to hear some soundclips of that new rig. :yum:
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