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  • Ah cool!

    Took my band 2 months to find Gemma, didn't seem like 2 months at all. Felt like a year haha. And yea, i know how you feel about rehearsing! We had to wait a while for new lyrics to be wrote for the songs then rehearsing them.
    Ah cool. Not long till he's over here then. Looking forward to hearing stuff when its all complete.

    Next gig is the 16th at the Dry bar, part of In The City. Played there last month but in the basement part, wasn't that great the gig, right side of the PA died and had to continue playing with only one side working.

    Let me know when you've got gigs when your ready to gig.
    My Laney, luckily i have a mate with the same amp who's letting me use his if mines not repaired in time for my next gig.

    Cheers! So glad she found us, wasn't having much luck finding anyone really, put adverts up in some shops in manchester and no one contacted us, she happened to find us by chance on myspace. Had someone apply from the US and also Brazil, obviously didn't understand the word Local haha.

    Hows your band going?
    HELLOOOO!!!!!! Hope your having a goood day - long time no see,

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