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    Edible coffee bars. Now we can eat coffe beans

    It is when my father is the person who developed the product and technology necessary to develop it. ;)
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    Comedy Djent Rap album I produced check the mix?

    I thought it was pretty good. I loved the lyrics ahhahahahah
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    I need a new audio interface. Please help?

    So, yeah. I'm past analyzing an audio interface's I/O capabilities. I'm more concerned now about performance, especially RTL (round trip latency), since I'll be monitoring wet signals from the daw through headphones. I'm divided between the following products: Roland Duo-Capture EX...
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    Audio Interface + Bluetooth? Also, monitoring headphones welcome...

    Thanks for the reply man. I've seen the V6 before and I they seem ideal for what I want right now. Should I care about lower impedance while using with a DI card? It has a dedicated volume knob, I think it's enough.
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    Audio Interface + Bluetooth? Also, monitoring headphones welcome...

    So, I purchases a guitar recently and the only means to pratice is by using crappy headphones (which I'm planning to upgrade to monitoring headphones). I have one of those ipod speaker towers which is hooked to a bluetooth dongle. I can connect various gadgets to it via bluetooth. So I...
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    Get it off of your chest! (Rant Thread)

    USA: Your interstates are fucking great, but they're so riddled with debris form crashed cars and shit that I got my 3rd flat tire in a year. Fuck that shit !!!!
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    D'Addario NYXL: Please Comment

    I know. For me, until now, it was a matter of feel and string tension. I never really noticed any change with different nickel wound brands, except when I bought EBs for the first time and found they were kinda dull sounding. But I probably got a lemon... Anyways, I'm confused about string...
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    D'Addario NYXL: Please Comment

    I figured it would account for both tension and length. But I'm probably going to get a set of those, I just don't know if I should be getting the 9-80 or 10-74 set. Intuition says 9-80 but I worry that the .080 string might be too fat sounding. I'm probably wrong though :wallbash:
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    D'Addario NYXL: Please Comment

    So... I recently bought an Agile 827 (NGD coming) and I was looking into strings to replace the set that will come with the guitar... Since I always used d'addario (who am I kidding... I switched to Elixir and never went back ahhaha), that was my first choice. Then I found out about this...
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    Deftones Megathread, All Things Deftones

    god damn you :lol: :fawk: :wub:
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    Edible coffee bars. Now we can eat coffe beans

    hmmmmm gotcha. Yeah, it's a candy bar. Made with roasted and ground coffee beans. And it's also flavored (but it could also have only coffee). It would be analogous to a chocolate bar, but instead of cocoa liquor and butter (or cocoa powder and vegetable fat, for most "chocolate" bars on the...
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    Edible coffee bars. Now we can eat coffe beans

    Interestingly enough, I've eaten those and they're horrible. The coffee bean is too bitter to eat like that, and the Chocolate cover was not enough. But the article says that it's simply a candy bar made of 100% ground coffee. It's not chocolate.
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    Edible coffee bars. Now we can eat coffe beans

    Have you guys ever heard about this? It looks interesting! (if you like coffee, obviously) Krispy Kreme unveils Tierra Nueva coffee thins | Daily Mail Online
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    You guys know this site has a NEW chatroom, right?

    i need someone there, now bmup