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  • Argh you're amazing man. You know my name (you do right? :lol:) I just wanna know a) has it even started to start yet and b) if not realistically will it arrive within the next 8 months. I have someone interested in taking the slot, if I sell I need to confirm that all details can be changed etc etc. I guess depending on what he says I'll be able to figure out the best route. Thanks so much bro.
    Hey bro, any suggestions for getting in touch with Bernie? He hasn't responded to the email address I have for months and months. If you have any kind of regular contact with him or something, I'm in a slightly tricky position with the order at the moment because I don't want it to arrive around the same time as my strandberg order! If I could sell the slot I'd have done that but predictably nobody wants it and I want the guitar anyway. If I could communicate to him to get the order through for this time next year it'd be perfect but alas, zero communication. Sorry to dump this on you! :lol:
    I don't mind to be honest, there interest in my spot etc so I'll just let it come as it does.
    Hey, thanks man. I've a FS ad up and EMailed Bernie letting him know what's up just on the off chance he mails back saying it gonna start now or something :lol:
    Hey, can I sell my BRJ spot even if it isn't BFR? I assume it makes no odds? I have other things I wanna get, I expected this to be a little quicker.
    Still thinking about it, but is it an option?
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