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Sep 27, 2014
Oct 16, 2011
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Truth Over Triumph, from New Jersey

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Sep 27, 2014
    1. Captain Shoggoth
      Captain Shoggoth
      You sell it, or your xbox?

      Cheers for the add as well!
    2. Captain Shoggoth
      Captain Shoggoth
      oh hahaha cheers, I like to make my reps somewhat unique or at the very least vaguely entertaining.

      also, good use of the Halo: Reach menu art for your PP :yesway:
    3. Captain Shoggoth
    4. DavidLopezJr
      Yea I'm hoping so too! I love it so much that I want a UV70P lol
    5. DavidLopezJr
      Interested in the RG? ;)
    6. Rick
      Oh well, worth a try.
    7. Rick
      I don't suppose you still have the Agile Texan and possibly interested in selling it?
    8. Riffer
      Just replied back in the thread with some pics too.
    9. simonXsludge
      Fair call! :)

      I just like being lazy, hahaha.
    10. simonXsludge
      The 1077 has the Lo-Pro and the 2077 has an Edge Pro.

      The MMM1 is mahagony, IIRC. Definitely not basswood.
    11. simonXsludge
      Haha, yeah... I prefer the newer trem on the 2077, because you don't have to cut the ballends off, which is very comfy. Anyways, you're more than welcome. I have an Ibanez MMM1 on auto search now. ;)
    12. simonXsludge
      It's a 2077. :)

      And it's super easy... you just search for whatever you wanna search and a "save search" link will appear after you hit enter and the search results are showing up. It gives you an option to get email alerts once whatever you were looking for is popping up.
    13. Stealthdjentstic
      Hey man, I actually bought my 7620 from my friend in the states and had him ship it directly to LiveWire guitars in Florida. I haven't set up any lo-pros but I've set up a few Edge III's. If you need to change the trem angle you have to change how much spring/string tension there is. I think max is the man you want to speak to about Ibby trems though.
    14. sakeido
      It has clean amps for sure, great cleans.. the Fender Twin and whatnot. Acoustic guitar sim I don't know about - it might have that feature but I've never used it
    15. skeels
      Haha wish I had a 6er to trade for you!
    16. skeels
      Hey! You got the 7421 back?
    17. straightshreddd
      Yo, dude. Just wanted to let you know that these games are sick. I'm diggin' Crysis 2 more than COD. Dead Space is pretty sick as well. On disk 2 already. Gracias, bro.
    18. MaxOfMetal
      Gotcha, wasn't sure if I was missing something. It's all good.
    19. MaxOfMetal
      Appreciate the help, really, but why are you reporting classified ads where the user has above 100 posts, been here for six months, and using the proper format?
    20. Ulvhedin
      Moving, preparing for auditions, shitload of stress!
      Sup thereover?
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