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  • :lol: Yeah, the deal sounds very tempting. Very, very tempting. But, the band is still in the 'undecided' stage; whether we're gonna go serious with it or just plain fun jam stuff. So, my detuned 6 would have to do for now.

    But, if I really need a 7, Imma gonna go with the ARZ307. Not sure if they're MII or MIC; teh interwebz said that some are MII and some are MIC. Dunno which is which.

    And I bet they're like less than RM2k here. I really can't afford another guitar now. Or ever :lol:
    Hey man,

    Yeah, I've sold both the 1527 AND the Grassroots. I was funding for something else earlier this year. And all of the sudden, 2 of my college mates (whom were also my bandmates way back) got jobs here in Klang Valley and lo and behold, they wanted to jam again. And I'm all out of 7 strings :lol:

    Hey you've been to Bentley lately? What 7s do they have in store? The ARZ307 kinda looks sick. And I kinda want one. :lol:

    Gaddem GAS when will you begone lol
    Hi :) Sword Guitars do customs and conversions of existing guitars: Official Website Check out the 9 string guitars :cool:
    Also see thread at microtonal guitarist forum: Places you can get a Micro Guitar
    thinner section my dude \m
    hey bro! thanks for leaving a msg. our Live demo is available now. do visit Kolbenfaust | Facebook for more info. thanks dude! \m/
    If they're being antagonistic, rude, or seem shady/like a scam then by all means, pkease report them. If not, then they should be okay.

    You're up with 666 posts here, dawg!

    Now, go celebrate. Buy a guitar!
    man ive added a few and sold a few...need to update my pics

    ive added:

    agile king v custom 7
    bc rich 5string nj warlock
    esp custom flying A-III in holographic - made for the same guitarist the angel sword was built for.

    in gotta post some ngd threads soon...been busy
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