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  • Yeah, I dunno if anybody got any "high dollar" stuff but like I mentioned, my brother in law bought some BKPs+pots, I bought a few of that 'parts' pickups he had lying around, Ben got the Dunlop kit and I think somebody bought strings or something. I'll definitely be ordering a set of BKPs from him for my Les Paul back home and I might have somebody interested in those PRS SEs he's trying to close out; plus there's some interest about the ESP stock he has coming in. So, I think it worked out to be a good promotional event for the shop overall.

    After most of the people cleared out and it was mostly Nick and his bandmates, the NY crew and Ben; we spent most of the time all in the same room going "back and forth" trying stuff out with eachother, so there was a lot less danger of anything getting 'dinged'. That's part of why I was thinking about doing a smaller get together next time.
    Agreed. We spoke to Nick about probably stopping out sometime this spring. It was good having a lot of people there, but after things thinned out a little, it was easier to move about and demo stuff; so maybe we'll shoot for a smaller group next time.

    My brother in law ended up buying an 8-string BKP Aftermath+War Pig set, which Nick gave him a sweet deal on. Hooray for spending today drilling holes for ground wires and crap, but they should sound fantastic. :yesway:
    Thanks for hanging around and letting us try out the BRJ. Really sweet guitar.
    Hey man, just heard your "Far Beyond the Sun" track that you did with your Mark III on netmusicians - holy fuck dude, that was killer :hbang:
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