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  • Hey, thanks for the invitation to PM! As mentioned, I live in Cambridge, UK and the weather really gets me down here. I love watersports and fitness and want to live somewhere I can do these things and spend a lot more time outdoors, so have got a one-year visa for Aus - and may extend it if I get sponsorship.

    I'm recording for Red Bull at the moment and am really interested in soundtracks for sports films (Art of Flight is an excellent example), so figured I may at least find more like-minded people in Sydney, who like music and also extreme sports too?

    Cambridge has basically no music scene.. and very little adventure, so I'm sure Sydney will be a good experience regardless; but would be interested to know about the music scene there.

    My two main areas are heavy, chunky guitars (which would favour a full band setup), but also post-rock/soundscapes, using a laptop and delay pedals etc.

    Any advice appreciated! Cheers
    Hey man, I didn't want to hijack a thread so I figured I would just ask you here :)
    I picked up some bx5a monitors lately. And, have been contemplating adding the woofer to the set down the road.
    I'm in a 24' x 14' room. Do you think it's worthwhile to add some bass traps and the woofer down the road?
    hey man, hows ex curia doing ? do you have anything in the works atm for it ? also did you get to test out the axe fx 2 ?
    Thanks man - I've realised that the dropdowns don't actually provide any addition feature but are just another way of doing things - it all makes perfect sense now! This is an awesome piece of software!
    Hi mate - thought I would shoot you a message as I seem to remember you saying you can help with RME Totalmix.
    Got hold of my Multiface II and it, and Totalmix, are absolutely fantastic. A few confusing moments were quickly solved by a YouTube tutorial, and using the Submix button everything is very logical.
    However, I can't for the life of me figure out the use of the dropdown menus on the right under 'Monitor Mains' and 'Monitor Phones' - or the use of the dropdowns on each fader. None of them seem to do a thing. Not too bothered as enabling Submix allows me to do anything I could ever imagine very easily, but I'm just curious.

    Also - I seem to remember hearing that Totalmix can route playback back into inputs - for example to record audio from youtube. Usually to do that I turn off my soundcard and record using the 'What U Hear' input on the built in soundcard. Any ideas?

    Enjoying being a forum troll nerd and getting me banned because you can't handle your own medicine?
    Hey! I checked out the links in your sig. Ex Curia is pretty freaking good. Definitely very unique. I haven't heard metal in which piano is used throughout entire songs. The recordings on Difference Engine are good, too. Lots of good jazz on there. Have you guys released a full-length or demo I can find? What do you do in the band?
    grow the hell up eh? well ex-fucking-cuse me, but i am pretty goddamn grown up, i probably have more responsibility than you do right now. so before you know who i am, quit acting like a douchebag, if youve got a problem with me, you better get the fuck over it.
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. My wife really like working with Gail. It was a shame that Frank had already died by that time. The only other family member she had contact with was Ahmet. Those where interesting times. SHe actually picked-up the phone one day and it was Harrison Ford cursing her out because she refused to underwrite him flying (he didn't want to use a stuntman, or "fake" flying shots) for a film because he didn't have enough hours in the airframe.
    I wasn't sure being an Aussie and most folks here are too young to remember Frank putting out albums. I wasn't expecting you to be only 3 when he died.

    The Zappa Trust was one of my wife's clients when we lived in LA.
    That's right, I did create a Sevenstring profile just to talk myself up in Voyeur. You got a problem? Come at me bro!
    hey man, can you gimme a quick review on the axe fx 2 when you get it preeeeeeeeeeetttttty please ? :) im thinkin about selling my 6505 to get one, but everyone else in aus is just "wtfin" and goin "NAH BRO DAHT IZ DIGITAL, IT NOT GUD".
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