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  • Cheers brother :) I've only just got S2.0 back up and running this week, so I need to get a good preset going, need a more real kick and snare for sure. Hopefully this track should be all done (Except for vocals) by the end of the week.
    Dude! It's been sorted now! Check out the Recording Section, I got a little teaser in there ;)

    I heard the new Shifting, really awesome man! Can't wait to hear more.
    Hey bro, I got a full vocal track from a guy on my last track, but that's about it, my mac died and is still being repaired, so I've got no way to record, but I've been writing like crazy, I've got a good 3 or 4 songs that are probably some of my favourite tunes I've written ever, ready to be recorded. Should be sick. And yourself?
    Yeah, I find I love doing 6 strings dropped to B and Bb over standard tunings on a 7, so much easier to play! And technicality wise I play alot better on a 6, non of this constantly chugging one string business. I'm learning Govan's fives right now, it hurts to type!
    That should be sick, I'm getting rid of my 7 for another 6, I'm just really feeling them at the moment. In drop Bb of course ;)
    Damn right it is, I got some new gear coming up, but no new material yet :( Hope I can get some out soon. ;)
    Hey bro! :)

    Happy New Year, man! Hope you can reach all your goals and that things work out for the best this year!

    Everything's been alright, man, but one thing. I know this sounds like blasphemy :lol: but I'm actually taking a break from guitar for a while. I really need a break; I need to gather some inspiration. The original material I've got is just not doing it for me. Let's see how that turns out! :)

    How about you? How was your Christmas/NYE? How're the album downloads coming along? :)

    AAANNDD... Happy belated birthday brotha'! Hope you had an awesome one :)
    Yeah I've actually been doing that for a couple of songs, including this one. Got the snare and kick going to another bus, as well as the guitars going to their own lightly compressed and EQ'd bus. POD Farm has got to require the most EQ and fiddling I've ever experienced, but it's working at the moment, just needs some last touches.
    Thanks a lot, my man. Wish you all the best with your music projects. Any new tracks? :D
    Yo dude! Sorry I hadn't replied earlier! I just kept forgetting about it, sorry man!

    Man, I've been listening to the EP you finally released (is that the finished product already? It sounds and seems like so! :)), saw it on ONAN's Facebook page... I have no words! Absolutely beautiful man! I love the amount of layering! It just makes it THAT much more epic! I was beginning to get carried away from metal... And damn you, you brought me back into it! Haha it's awesome dude! Congratulations! And just in time for Christmas, huh? :p

    But I've been good man! Just playing a lot and going to uni. I'll soon be posting a new cover up on YouTube, hopefully... This time I'm gonna try another approach to make the audio quality better and see how it turns out :) And thanks for the compliments and the support mate, it is VERY VERY VERY much appreciated! :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas, and, if we don't speak before, a very happy New Year's! Take care bro!
    I love the outro to Let's Play! Reminds me of Fellsilent's Age Of Deception, but really really brutal! Fuck me, perfect release!
    :eek: That was quick, love the album artwork, and fuck! This first track is amazing!

    This will be a nice christmas present to myself :D

    YOu gotta tell me how you get your POD sounding so huge!
    Yeah definitely, that sounds great. I'm not sure on my release, I'm hoping between february and march, but it might be earlier, I have a fair bit of material, I'm still racking my brain over getting a huge mix.

    And I hear you with mastering, it's a big pain for me, luckily I have a few good plugins other than ozone to help :)
    Shit yeah! Can't wait for that, I got some pretty interesting stuff coming up before and after my release, gotta fit a collab in there somewhere, I'd love to have you on my album :cool:
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